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I got tired of having to re-do the main quest every time I wanted to play a new Skyrim character, just to get Dragonrend. Fighting dragons as a melee character is quite annoying without it...

So I created this "clean slate" save file of a completely vanilla character (no mods - the only thing required is a version of Skyrim updated to 1.9) with the main quest completed. I tried to keep the quest log as clean as possible: there are no misc quests for things like "join the Stormcloaks", or "join the Imperial Legion". Below is the data from this save file:

-Have not decided whether or no to kill Paarthurnax
-During Seasons Unending, Markarth was given to the Stormcloaks, and Winterhold to the Imperials -The Thalmor ambassador was allowed to stay; Ulfric had to pay compensation
(I wanted to be even, but I couldn't stand the though of the most corrupt person in all of the Empire, Maven Black-Briar, being given even more power)
-All shouts encountered on the main questline are unlocked
-The quest Discerning the Transmundane is advanced up to the point of possessing the runed lexicon, but not having returned to to Septimus Signus
-The miscellaneous quest to find someone to identify the mysterious gem (I only picked up the one outisde the Thalmor Embassy) is active
-The golden claw has been obtained, but not returned to Riverwood
-No couriers have given any letters
-Minimalistic chat options were selected with everyone
-The College of Winterhold was joined, but Mirabelle Ervine has not been talked to
-No houses have been bought
-No horses have been bought
-The character has almost no money or items, other than uniques picked up during the main quest

To install: extract the save file, and place it inside your Skyrim save directory. This is usually located at C:/Users//Documents/Games/Skyrim/Saves

To uninstall: simply delete the file from the aforementioned location

Update log
1.0 - Initial Release
1.1 - Fixed some character statistics that I forgot to reset to default (run speed and carry weight).