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A level one character with the main quest completed (with no mods), utilizing minimalistic impact on the game. Only locations discovered are ones pertaining to the main questline, only unique items picked up are the ones found along the path of the main quest.

Permissions and credits
I got tired of having to re-do the main quest every time I wanted to play a new Skyrim character, just to get Dragonrend. Fighting dragons as a melee character is quite annoying without it...

So I created this "clean slate" save file of a completely vanilla character (no mods - the only thing required is a version of Skyrim updated to 1.9) with the main quest completed. I tried to keep the quest log as clean as possible: there are no misc quests for things like "join the Stormcloaks", or "join the Imperial Legion". Below is the data from this save file:

-Have not decided whether or no to kill Paarthurnax
-During Seasons Unending, Markarth was given to the Stormcloaks, and Winterhold to the Imperials -The Thalmor ambassador was allowed to stay; Ulfric had to pay compensation
(I wanted to be even, but I couldn't stand the though of the most corrupt person in all of the Empire, Maven Black-Briar, being given even more power)
-All shouts encountered on the main questline are unlocked
-The quest Discerning the Transmundane is advanced up to the point of possessing the runed lexicon, but not having returned to to Septimus Signus
-The miscellaneous quest to find someone to identify the mysterious gem (I only picked up the one outisde the Thalmor Embassy) is active
-The golden claw has been obtained, but not returned to Riverwood
-No couriers have given any letters
-Minimalistic chat options were selected with everyone
-The College of Winterhold was joined, but Mirabelle Ervine has not been talked to
-No houses have been bought
-No horses have been bought
-The character has almost no money or items, other than uniques picked up during the main quest

To install: extract the save file, and place it inside your Skyrim save directory. This is usually located at C:/Users//Documents/Games/Skyrim/Saves

To uninstall: simply delete the file from the aforementioned location

Update log
1.0 - Initial Release
1.1 - Fixed some character statistics that I forgot to reset to default (run speed and carry weight).