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Immersive Interiors is an ambitious, total lighting overhaul for interiors. It modifies lighting so that everything is dynamically reflected inside, windows are clear, you can see the sky, rain and the outside city from inside, and the interior lighting changes depending on what time of day/weather it is; adding new found realism and immersion.

Permissions and credits

Immersive Interiors is an ambitious, total lighting overhaul for interiors.

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It is a project based upon my Oblivion mod of the same name. The aim is to replace the generic, always dark interiors of city buildings and turn them into dynamic areas that reflect the outdoor lighting, weather and sound. This removes the feeling of the interiors being isolated, dungeon like areas and transforms them into areas with new found realism and immersion.

== So, how does it do this? ==

  • Makes every window transparent and allows you to see the weather, lighting and city exterior from inside the building. This means you can be sitting in a tavern watching the sun set on the street outside.
  • Uses carefully crafted imagespace and lighting templates to reflect the outdoor weather inside. So if there's a beautiful sunset in Whiterun when you enter Breezehome, your home will be flooded with luscious orange light. If it's dark and raining, then the inside will be dark and you'll see rain trickle down the windows.
  • Improves Bethesda's "console lighting" by making sure every light source actually produces light where it should. Adds more special effects in interiors and uses shadow lights wherever possible to achieve a realistic look.

Whereas the Oblivion version recreates the cities outside, this is more than that, and is a total lighting overhaul for interiors.

This is all achieved whilst keeping performance impact to an absolute minimum.

== What does it effect? ==

As modifying each city is no easy task, major releases will be done that modify half of cities. So as of now, this includes all of Whiterun, except Amren and Uthgerd's House. These were accidentally omitted and will be included with the next minor revision.

Between major city releases will be incremental updates, mainly focusing on improving lighting and shadow effects.

These half city releases allow extensive testing and tweaking for each interior, and more rapid updates for everyone.

== Upgrading ==

Due to the way the mod detects weather and applies imagespaces, it's recommended that you travel away from affected cities if you're upgrading the mod. At the very least, I suggest not being in an affected interior.

Remember that these are still early builds of the mod. I try my best to thoroughly test before releasing an update but as usual, nothing can be guaranteed. I recommend trying out the upgraded version first and checking if everything is okay with your game before continuing to play normally. Please report any bugs you find by filling a report under the topic section of this mod page. If I don't know about them, I can't fix them!

Version 0.2 contains some pretty drastic behind the scene changes for the weather detection system. It's even more important than usual to follow the upgrade advice from 0.1 in this case. Please report any issues you have with weather detection, these can be patched quickly!

== Customising the Mod ==

Customisation is important. The mod comes with an MCM menu for SkyUI users that allows you to configure some settings (with more to come). These are:

Enable/Disable Local Map Masking - Shows/Hides the city exterior from appearing on the interior local map
Enable/Disable Rain Sounds - Enables/Disables rain sounds in interiors when it's raining outside.

There are also a few experimental settings that may or may not do much. These are more for testing and are usually disabled in the release versions.

Non SkyUI users are recommended to install SkyUI with SkyUI Away to keep the vanilla interface, or alternatively console commands can be used to modify some settings.

== Compatibility ==

Immersive Interiors is designed to work perfectly with the base game. It does however work correctly with ENB mods and weather mods. You may see different colours and brightness levels than originally intended with an ENB, and from within an interior you'll still only see vanilla weathers. This shouldn't be a huge issue however, as mod added weathers will resume as normal outside, and the mod will attempt to detect a similar weather (so if it's heavy, mod added rain weather outside, it'll still be raining inside).

Immersive Interiors is compatible with Enhanced Lights & FX, provided Immersive Interiors is loaded after it and the ELFXEnhancer patch available as an optional download is used if you're using ELFXEnhancer.

Other lighting overhauls may or may not work correctly, but give them a try and report your results! Try loading Immersive Interiors last for the best compatibility.
== Installation ==

Installation can be done easily with any mod manager, or manually. All assets are included in a BSA file, and so the only files needed are:

Immersive Interiors.esp
Immersive Interiors.bsa

Load order should ideally be towards the bottom of your list. If you have any mod that modifies the cell data of an interior, then a lot of Immersive Interior's lighting changes will be wiped out if it's not loaded last.

== Uninstallation ==

The way Skyrim and Papyrus works means that no mod should be removed from a save, especially ones that contain scripts. Because of this, I will not be able to support uninstallation of the mod.

If you really want to try, then StopQuest JHS_II_RunQuest should be entered into the console, far away from any interior before the mod is removed. But again, I can't promise anything.

== Disclaimer ==

Like the Oblivion version, this will most likely remain in beta for quite some time. I can't promise its stability, however any mod I release I use on my own game with my proper characters. I can't promise frequent updates as my free time is very limited, but trust me that I will try my utmost.

Please expect bugs. Nothing game breaking, bloat creating or save destroying, but expect some oddities. See a person running around outside the window? Drop a bug report my way! See some imagespace issues or rain falling through the ceiling? Shout at me and I'll try my best to fix it.

This is an entirely new concept and is something that hasn't been done before on Skyrim's engine. But the more people who use it and test it, then the more bugs can be fixed!

Known Issues:
  • Mods that touch Dragonsreach's roombounds will cause popping issues when looking out of the window. Try loading Immersive Interiors after these mods.