Sylgja default clothes replacer Deluxe Edition by Aurelio Magherelli
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by AurelioMagherelli

Now boost her stats while making her a follower!
In the optional section

NEW IN V3 Deluxe Edition:
Changed her default clothes to Emperor
Replaced her pickaxe with an enchanted shock Glass Dagger
Added a Glass Bow so she doesn't glitch back to Hunting Bow
Added Circlet of Extreme Marksman as default
Changed her npc type to Human Missile
Added 3 Spells:
Conjure Familiar

Of course this is mainly, almost exclusively for those who married her and moved her to your house, you can find old less intrusive versions (lots of them) in the download section.


Some time ago I made this mod:

because I like Sylgja in game.
I resorted to swapping the meshes of minerclothes.

Turns out tho, making an .esp that changes Sylgja's clothes specifically is quite easy.

With this .esp ONLY Sylgja's default clothes are changed.
Meaning, whenever she defaults to her outfit she'll wear this.
No more mining clothes.

Also, you may use my other mod at the same time, doesn't matter.
I suggest the other one, the chef or merchant variant, so that other female miners (Annekke, Daighre, etc) have something better as default than sucky miner clothes.

If you want to make her a follower, download the optional file, then open console, click on her and type "bat sylgjafollower". Done.
If you make her a follower you then can give her armor, weapons and equipment easily. Not to mention take her out of the house once in a while, poor thing.
At the same time the bat will boost her following stats:
Health to 300 and
Light Armor
One Handed
all to 90

Now added a make her essential bat.
Pretty useful since she's pretty weak compared to other followers.

I'm open to requests, I can make any outfit if you want.
I could add armor defaults, but I don't see the point. It's much better to just give her one yourself after you make her a follower.
She unequips it when in the house or at the mine.
She only equips it when you go questing with her (after a cell load).

To get rid of the pickaxe, give her a knife, she should equip that one instead.
Unless of course, you let her keep her miner job.

If you already changed her outfit a 'resurrect' command might be required in order for her to load her new default clothes.
Or just try to leave her at home, change game cell (fast travel, etc) then she might have respawned correctly.

No textures are included in my mod, just a .esp
The textures you'll get are whatever you have installed for each outfit.
Most of the clothes you see in the screens are from Swagrabbit's mod.
All credits go to him.

Drop the .esp in your Skyrim/Data.
Enable it either from launcher or plugins.txt located in X:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Skyrim
Drop the bat file in your Skyrim/Data.

Disable the esp