New Rorikstead and New Horse and MeadHouse and Open All Borders by donfalckon
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This Mod is create for Rorikstead.
There is seven new building:
1.Rorikstead Tower
2.Rorikstead Trader
3.Rorikstead Smith
4.Rorikstead Stable
5.Add New Horse Brand very Agile Stamina plus 200
       6.Rorikstead MeadHouse
       7.Meadhouse WindMill
       8.Dwelling for MeadHouseowner
       Open All Borders to their limit to prevent from drop down
First bulding have four Guards who patrol around Rorikstead.
Second bulding is home of the Trader and His Sister ,she is marriageable.
Third building is home of Blacksmith and his wife.
Fourth building is home of two brothers who keep the stable and one of them sell unique horse brand of Rorikstead.
There is new landscape too,the stone bridge and other things ,like better tower for bandits near Riverwood.
This Mod is whit conflict with every Mods for Rorikstead.
Horse seller work between 8 to 17 ,only in this interval have dialogue.
Work with other horses mods who change horses textures

This Mod is Perfect and must run like butter.
How to insttal.
Unrar in folder and then paste in Skyrim/Data like other mods...There must be four folders newrorikstead.esp , meshes , textures, and sound.........and screenshots.

to see video for this mod go to youtube and search for New Rorikstead the best Mod and

other video is Perfect Navmesh for New Rorikstead

donfalckonGameStudio ....... made in Bulgaria