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"Ingredients Galore" is the intellectual heir to this mod. I suggest checking that out.


This mod adds three silver ingredients which may be crafted at a smelter.

Silver Oil requires three Silver Ingots and Dwarven Oil.
Silver Salts require three Silver Ingots and Salt.
Enhanced Silver Salts require three Silver Ingots and Fire Salts.

Each recipe yields five ingredients.

All three contain the same effects.

Supernatural Damage: Deals (Base: 1) damage per second for 10 seconds
Supernatural Physical Weakness: Reduces physical resistance by (Base: 1) for 30 seconds
Supernatural Fire Weakness: Reduces fire resistance by (Base: 1) for 30 seconds
Supernatural: Reduces the speed of supernatural threats by 15% for (Base 4) seconds

*Base values are doubled in Refined Silver Salts.


I am quite fond of resource reclamation mods, but they leave me with an absurd quantity of silver ingots. There was simlpy no use for them all.

The game acknowledges silver as a weapon against werewolves and the undead, but only gives you two crappy swords.

The outcome seemed obvious.