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Last updated at 23:35, 6 Aug 2013 Uploaded at 18:05, 28 Jul 2013

Dragon Cliff Manor is a player home mod built near the base of the Throat of the World mountain. Probably the easiest way to get to the house is start at Hillgrund's Tomb and go South East up the mountain face. You should encounter a log bridged over a waterfall and a small winding path. Look up and you should see the house. You can also get to the house from Ivarstead. Path has been drawn in the map screenshot above.

This was a family project with the goal to create a larger themed home for us in a location that hopefully stays true for bethesda's original design strategy of an epic world. Although this home uses a very familiar white run theme, I was really trying to create a unique layout that is large, open and immersive (but overly large like the old Oblivion days) This is my first creation kit mod and I hope everyone will enjoy it.

Special thanks to Andraste and Protocol for help designing clutter objects and room layouts.

---MODS used in video and screenshots
ENB Somber(with some tweaks of my own), HD 2k Textures, Realistic Smoke & Embers, Realistic Candles.

I'm no creation kit expert by any means, but let me know if you have any problems and I'll do my best.

--No DLC Required for this mod--
- this means Hearthfire family stays in your hearthfire home.
--NOT COMPATIBLE with Tamagen Manor Mod--

The features:

- Fully NAVMESH'ed for player companions so they can follow you around.
- Crafting Stations: blacksmith, alchemy, enchanting, smelting, tanning, cooking
- 16 armor mannequins
- over 30 weapon racks
- 8 display cases
- a ton of weapon plaques
- library, complete with shelves and bookcases
- a chef (just for fun)
- bedroom with 3 beds
- chests are located near stations, beds and office/library areas.


1.5 - Fixed Dragon Orb not teleporting players to the war cave
Added stables fast travel location on map
Fast traveling to the house will put your horse in the stables now
Flickering light issue in big waterfall room should be fixed
Well Rested bonus should be recieved when sleeping in the house now.
Added collision planes underneath mannequins for those who's naked mannequins go into the floor.
NOTE: this isn't a confirmed fix as this bug is just a plain skyrim glitch.
fixed some void and clipping issues with walls and floors (still a couple problem spots left)
fixed void clipping issues outside near smithy and in the big waterfall room
Added grindstone and workbench by the forge outside
fixed some light flickering on and off issues
snow on dragon skeleton has been removed
Chef Ramsey got a salary raise, so he shouldn't leave the home now

Added Spa Benches in the bedroom
Added Dragon Orbs to teleport quickly from cave area (located in alchemy room on desk)
Added small chest near the smithy
Added small chest for letters and old quest items(or whatever you want) on library desk

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Thanks to Elianora's Workshop or Elianora Nexus for her creative use of crafting assets and clutter placement design!

Thanks to MrBiggenGaming for the video review!