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Adds a player home next to the Hammerfell border gate, SW of Falkreath. Hearthfire required.

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The Border House

This mod adds a player home next to the Hammerfell border gate. The house is located SW of Falkreath, a little ways West of Halldir's Cairn.

Interior Features

Double bed.
Custom storage containers for potions, soul gems and scrolls, alchemy ingredients, notes and journals and firewood.
Book case that holds 17 books.
Dagger display case, weapon plaque and 3 weapon racks.
Bar, stocked with plenty of mead and wine.
Table and chairs.
Seating area.
Interactive butter churn that turns milk into butter.
Interactive fire place that can be lit and extinguished.
Cooking spit (fire must be lit for it to work!)
Various storage containers and drawers etc.

External Features

Interactive well that you can take water from.
Wood chopping block.
Garden area with 4 raised beds, chickens, a goat, apiary and grain mill.*
Milkable goat, collectable eggs and honey. (Must wait 24 hours between milking / collection.)
Interactive signpost that can 'teleport' you to Falkreath.
Signpost in Falkreath to 'teleport' back to the house.
Cooking balcony with an oven, table and chairs and 3 planters.*
Smithing balcony with everything you need (forge, smelter etc...)
Upper balcony with enchanting table, alchemy table and a great view down towards Hammerfell!
* 28 total soils for growing plants.

Optional version adds 3 more beds for companions. If you use this version, you do not need the main version.

Optional Realistic Needs and Diseases patch available. Install this patch to fill your empty bottles and waterskins from the outside well. Make sure it is placed after RND and Border House in your load order.

Issues / notes - please read

Do NOT store items in the outside well. It is designed to respawn so that you can keep taking water out of it. Anything stored in it will be lost when it respawns.
Interior and exterior are fully navmeshed.
Mod has been cleaned for dirty edits and deleted references using TES5Edit ver. 3.0.30.
Hearthfire is required to use this mod.

NMM Installation - Click the download with manager button
Manual Installation - Extract archive, place borderhouse.esp in your Skyrim Data folder. Place scripts in the appropriate folder.