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About this mod

It's not only the Dragonborn that can consume dragon souls.

When you get killed by a dragon, they get to feast on YOUR soul instead. Now complete with visual and sound FX.

V1.3 - Adds disintegrating effects, where your body burns away, leaving your skeleton behind. Now comes with support for beast races.

Permissions and credits
Dragons Can Absorb Your Soul

Being a dragon must suck.

The Dragonborn get to absorb their souls when they die, but they can't consume the Dragonborn's soul when s/he dies.

Well, this changes all of that.



Version History

V1.3 - Added beast skeleton support
V1.2 - Minor tweaks, added Dragonborn support
V1.1 - Added disintegration effects, minor script optimizations
V1.0 - Intial Release


When you are killed by a dragon/Alduin/Miraak, the resulting death cutscene will show your soul being absorbed by said dragon, in a similar fashion to the standard Dragonborn-absorbs-dragon-soul type VFX.
Now comes with fire and disintegrating effects, where your body will burn away, leaving a skeleton behind.

Simple as that.


1.By default, this mod extends the death cutscene (when being killed by a dragon) to 25 seconds.
But if you have Death Cam Duration Options installed, my mod will not override that (ie. time will be 60 seconds or whatever you set in that mod).

2. V1.3 has support for beast races (elf, orc, khajiit and argonian) as well as human. Unfortunately this doesn't work with custom races or werewolves as of yet (the skeleton will be human).

Upgrading (from a previous version)

1. Uncheck esp.
2. Load game and save.
3. Overwrite the old version with my new version
4. Check esp, and load that save.
5. Profit?


If this is the first time you're installing this mod...

Place this anywhere in your load order.

  • Installing using Nexus Mod Manager/ModOrganizer - Highly recommended. Just click the "Download with Manager" button and it will install.
  • Manually installing - Unzip the contents of this folder into your Skyrim/Data Folder


Don't uninstall this in middle of combat with a dragon. Otherwise, open the ingame console, type "SetStage po3PCDeathDetect 10", save and then uninstall the mod.

  • Uninstalling using Nexus Mod Manager/ModOrganizer- Uncheck DragonsCanAbsorbYourSoul.esp and uncheck the mod.
  • Manually uninstalling - Delete the files/folders associated with this mod

Future Plans

  • Werewolf race support
  • MCM menu
  • Bug fixing


1. You might experience a slight drop in FPS at particular times when these effects are being played, but most systems should handle it fine.
If you have a severe drop in FPS however, let me know, and I'll fix it for you.


This modifies the equip sounds in the AudioSFX sound category, but I have tried to maintain compatibility.
If you notice that the equip sound is disabled/enabled when equipping something, please report them to me with any sound affecting mods, and I'll fix it ASAP.

This mod should be compatible with all mods that affect dragons

Other issues not mentioned in Issues, please report them to me and I'll try to fix ASAP as well.

Recommended Mods


  • If you want to use any of the files in this mod, please let me know in a PM. However, the skeleton mesh cannot be used without the express permission of myself AND Brumek from SMIM.
  • Please do NOT upload this mod to Steam Workshop under any circumstances.


  • Apollodown of Dragon Combat Overhaul for inspiring me to create this mod finally (after getting my idea shot down over there ...)
  • JustinOther of Death Cam Duration Options for helping me figure out how to extend the death camera
  • Brumek of SMIM for allowing me to use his draugr skull + high res textures.
  • PROMETHEUS_ts for the beast skeleton meshes and textures
  • Thanks to the talented folks at the Bethesda forums for helping me with animation issues, and effect shaders.
  • Thanks to Bethesda for creating an awesome game.

Peace out.