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With this mod you can place your own markers on the map. You can give your marker a name and write your own note to it. Up to 60 markers!
You can fast travel to your markers. Works with SkyUi's Location Finder.

Permissions and credits
NEW VERSION 0.2: Several bug fixes and improvements. See changelog below. 

IMPORTANT MESSAGE [august 2015]:
I have got many requests to improve, fix and update this mod. Sadly I am not capable of doing this. I don't even have Skyrim anymore!
So I have a little announcement:

If you are a modder, feel free to improve this mod and make it up to date! You have my permission to modify and publish this mod at your own.

Sources of the mod consist of two parts :

Good luck improving this mod!

With this mod you can place your own markers on the map. You can give your marker a name and write your own note to it. Up to 60 markers!
This is my first mod. I made it for myself, because I can't play without this feature :) And nobody created it so far.

  • You can place your own markers with your own, self-written notes attached to them.
  • Up to 60 custom markers (if you want more, it's easy to add more in Creation Kit).
  • You can fast travel to your markers.
  • You can edit and remove your markers.
  • Works with SkyUi's Location Finder.
  • First line of your note become a marker name (displayed on the map and in Location Finder).
  • English and Polish localizations.
  • I only speak a little English. If you find language mistake, report it to me, I will fix it.
  • This is very early release. It contains tons of bugs for sure. If you find one, report it to me.
  • Limitations:
  • ???- the spell works only in exteriors. Markers can only be placed on world map, not local map.???- As far as I know, there is no way to change default location name appearing on top-right corner in-game and in fast-travel messages. ????It will be always "Marked Location x". However, on the map it will show your own custom location name.

  • a spell 'Mark Location' will be added to your spell book when you enable this mod.
  • when you cast 'Mark Location', your current location will be marked on the map.
  • go to map, click on one of your markers and you will be able to edit note attached to this marker. First line of the note become marker name.

  • SkyUI 4.1

  • NOT compatible with all mods that modify "map.swf" file. For example all "Coloured markers" mods are almost certainly not compatible.
  • It should be compatible with every other mod.

  • Nexus Mod Manager or manually.
  • Manually: Only two files in archive: esp and bsa. Simply put them in Data folder.
  • This mod needs to be loaded after SkyUI.
  • If you upgrade from older version, see UPGRADING section

  • v0.1 cannot be upgraded. Disable mod, save game, and install new version of mod.

  • fixed or not yet reported :)

  • change custom markers icon on compass. Now is "AltairMarker" icon (probably unused in game), but ultimate icon is "PlayerSetMarker". "PlayerSetMarker" icon is currently displayed on the map, but not on the compass.

This mod is based on the SkyUI mod:
You will need to seek permission from me and authors of SkyUI mod before you can modify, publish or re-upload this mod.
Refer to the SkyUI permission instructions.

  • v0.2
  • - BUGFIX: Fixed crashing on other than English or Polish game versions. (only "english version" file)???- BUGFIX: Fixed bug where marking location with previously deleted marker is not working after game load. ???- BUGFIX: No more marker corruption when casting spell in interiors (casting spell in interiors do nothing now)???- improved English translation
  • v0.1
  • - Initial release

video by Nozi87 (version v0.1):