About this mod

adds flowers, feathers and butterflies to be stucked into the hair

Permissions and credits

Me beloved wife saw a screenshot somewhere else with someone wearing a hair flower. After doing some research we found out that that was just an extract from a hair model without variations and with just a single position.
And as my honey loves to have variations of a thing (at least in game) and even would like to use that thing with different hair models I was forced to create this mod :)

This mod adds different Flowers to the Game to stuck them into you hair (for females only).

You may buy them from Eira in Belethor's Store in Whiterun or find them at a container in Riverwood (see images -> location).
Companions can wear them too - just hand them to your companion as an armor.

Each Flower has 3 different positions you may choose from (to fit various hairstyles):
(N) : Near - most Vanilla Styles
(W) : Wider - fluffy Apachii Styles
(A) : Alternate - fits alternate Styles found on other hairpacks

This are just 3 positions and don't fit perfectly on all hairs, but they should cover at least most of them.
Many thx go to schattentraum for gathering the wonderful images for the textures and the request to create this mod, and to nhskill for the german translation.

Saiodin featured the flowers at his mod Series on Youtube (thanks for that :) )

Please notice: This flowers are not stripped off or extracted from a hair mod, the models and textures are build completely from scratch.

easy way: just use NMM to install
manual: extract the 7z file, copy the mennohairflowers.esp and mennohairflowers.bsa to you data directory, enable mod under datafiles.
have fun :)

the screens:
The good looking screenshots are all made by my honey.
Some of the hairstyles on the screens are for personal use only - i will not answer any questions about this (and i really don't know and don't want to know details about what and where she got them from).
The logo's armor is the "Triss Dragon Hunter Retexture", found here: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/31673/?
By the way - i like seeing my mod "in action", so it would be great if you upload your screenies :)

BlueKraken actually tells me what he thinks about the argonian versions of the mod.
So, here is a minmal preview of what new feather model will look on an argonian
(stuck not so wide out, better shaped to the head-mesh, better position) :