1. Amado1995
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    In my opinion this is a great alternative to "Immersive Weapons", well done. Endorsed.
    1. voidrider
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      Alternative? Weapons of the Third Era is included in Immersive Weapons. Doh.
    2. Philosophiac
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      Yes, Alternative... as in "If I do not wish to use Immersive Weapons, I can use this and get some of the things I liked from it (such as familiar weapons from previous games) without all the rest of the stuff that I maybe didn't want".
    3. Darklocq
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      Yeah, I was gonna say, I've seen all these already. :-)I'm glad they were integrated, since it's really nice work, especially that glass scimitar thing.
  2. FelipeGames2000
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    I know you're not reading this, but this mod is plain AWESOME!!! I loved the weapon designs! Thank you!
  3. KyrgyzGuitarist
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    Silver, Ebony and Deadric one/two handed swords are plain AMAZING! Such a beauty...
  4. Jotta0330
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    i can use this mod with immersive weapons?
    1. ViZePulse
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      it is already included in immersive weapons lol
  5. Magnus9865
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    I know this mod doesn't get updated anymore but i think it has a bug for me that whenever i use a grindstone, and have some of the weapons from this mod in my inventory, skyrim CTD's after 4-5 seconds. I can avoid this by upgrading with equipment quickly and then exit out of the grindstone menu.
    help anyone?
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    I'm having some major issues in uninstalling this mod I have deleted all the meshes and textures for it, but they still appear within my crafting menu including purple textured weapons and invisible ones. I did have immersive weapons installed also for quite some time, but I removed all the contents for that too. Any ideas on what could be causing these weapons to still be within the game.
    1. bioniclefan2000
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      so you deleted the meshes and textures but not the esp? that's why its still showing up. you need to properly uninstall by deleting everything including the esp. its what adds the mod to the game
  7. Oracus0
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    This is a really great old mod!!! For the glass scimitar, you need to pass the nif through NifModify [ https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/79797/? ] to make the UVSets flag equal to 4097, and update tangents and bitangents on all shapes. Additionally, I would guess that 747823 used TESsnip or some non-CK program to make or tweak the mod, and so there are some errors identified by TES5Edit ("Error: record COBJ contains unexpected (or out of order) subrecord CTDA" ) , which can be resolved by cleaning it and then opening the esp in the creation kit and saving it again. No one at the time knew about those kinds of errors...
  8. Nett00
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    In response to post #52177407.


    We are not worthy to gaze upon it!
    (yeah... got the same issue over here too )

    Me too, any solutions? 
  9. cyka22
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    Glass scimitar is so OP......it is in fact so incredibly OP that my game cant even handle showing it and crashes everytime i scroll over it.
    1. nobleistired
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      We are not worthy to gaze upon it!
      (yeah... got the same issue over here too :p)
  10. BellaDovah
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    Are they craftable only or are they also integrated into the levelled lists/found across the world?