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A quick video of the mod made by Slothability aka dbtheslothking. Great work!!!

Short Description-watch the video.
Long Description- Long ago, in the land of Daggerfall, there lived a creature with such a fearsome screech that all who listened were instantly filled with fear. Now, in the land of Skyrim, the creature has returned. It's name: The Skeleton. Wait a minute. Skeletons make wimpy noises, right? Not anymore! Now all skeletons in Skyrim make the high pitched screeches that are straight from the Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. Now all Skyrim skeletons make the same noises as the Daggerfall Skeletons.

Please feel free to leave comments/feedback/suggestions/requests and as always, PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO ENDORSE!!!

Newest Version
This new version will also change the draugr sounds to the sounds of Daggerfall skeletons. Note: if you choose the download with nmm, only vanilla skeleton files will be replaced. The draugr version is under optional files.

Just a base version of Skyrim. No updates or DLC's required.

Recommended: Use NMM.
Manual: Place the sound folder into your data folder (yourskyrimdirectoryhere/data).
Uninstall: If you used NMM deactivate it, if you installed manually then delete the folder Skeleton found in skyrimdirectory/data/sound/fx/npc/skeleton. Just delete the skeleton folder. If you have the draugr version just delete the Draugr folder as well.

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