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Hoddminir Plants and Trees

This resource pack includes new models by Ztree and re-textures both of original Skyrim and GKBs plant, bushes and tree models. Among the trees and bushes you will find, are new pines, willows, sloe, birch, gorse, raspberry, oak, aspen, maple, poplar, junipers, heather, goat willow, mountain birch, alder and rowan. Ztree's new plants include crane's-bill, wood anemone, ferns, tulips, daffodils, crocus and different kinds of bushes.
This mod is a resource of trees, bushes and plants that you can use yourself. There are no changes to the Tamriel worldspace.

This resource is used in the Hoddminir mod, and are made with that mod in mind. With some exceptions, these trees are spring and summer variants, and most have lush colours.
If you are modding the autumn/winter setting of Skyrim many of them will be out of place and way too green to fit in. Feel free to change any texture to fit your mod better.
If you are making your own tree you are welcome to use any of the textures included in this pack. I have included some additional textures as well.

As always, if you make something with these plants that you think looks really nice, please upload a picture, I love to see it :)
And don't forget to endorse if you like this resource.

Additional files
* Different resolutions of this resource, 512, 1024 and 2048
* LOD files for the trees and a new (includes tree lods for GKB Green trees)
* PSD file with images of trees for making your own (includes tree lods for GKB Green trees)

If you want more resources I have also released
Ground textures (Link: )
Springflowers Pack 1 (Link: )
Springflowers Pack 2 (Link: )
Grass (Link: )
Water plants (Link: )
Rocks (Link: )

How to add objects in the Creation kit
Ztree's new models can be found in Meshes/ztree's/trees and Meshes/ztree's/plants.
Re-textured vanilla and GKBs resources can be found under Meshes/landscape/trees and Meshes/landscape/plants.
All objects in the Trees folders should be added as Trees in the Creation kit. The objects in the Plants folders should be added as Static objects.

* Add the files to the correct folder under Skyrim folder.
* Open the Creation kit, and load the mod you wish to add the resources to.
* In the Object window, under WorldObjects you find the folders Static and Tree.

Add Static:
* For plants go to Landscape/Plants, have an explorer window open (Skyrim/Meshes/landscape/plants), you can select the files in the explorer window and drag and drop to the Editor ID list (Object window) in the Creation kit. The object will be given the file name as ID.
* You can do the same for Meshes/ztree's/plants but you may need to save and reload the file in the Creation kit for the right folder structure to show in the object window.

* You can also add them one by one. In the object window, Editor id list, right click and choose new.
* Give the object a unique ID, and press Edit next to model. In the new window Model data, choose Edit and navigate to the location of the model you wish to add, press open, then OK in the Model data window and OK in the New static window.

Add Tree:
* Trees has to be added one by one. In the object window, Trees/landscape/trees, in the Editor ID list, right click and choose new.
* Give the tree a unique ID, and press Edit next to Tree Model. Navigate to the location of the model you wish to add, press open, then OK in the Tree window.
You can change the default values for the flexibility, amplitude and frequency. I suggest looking at original trees for guidelines.

Compatibility with other tree mods
All trees can be used with other tree mods, but tree LODs are not compatible, it is still a work in progress.

Every worldspace needs a tree image atlas, and you can use the same atlas for all worldspaces. The atlas is composed of all the trees in that worldspace and this is required for tree LODs to work. Each tree has a TreeName_lod_flat.nif which is the model that will show in the distance as LOD. The TreeName_lod_flat.nif show the corresponding image of the tree in atlas.
There can only be one such tree atlas for a worldspace, like the file, and to be able to use LODs on trees from different resources the different images has to be combined. After that the TreeName_lod_flat.nif needs to be re-UV mapped to fit the new tree atlas.
I have provided a new that includes these new trees and the atlas from GKB Green trees LODs, and all the trees in this resource pack is mapped to this file. I have not re-UV mapped all of GKBs trees, but if you wish to use both tree resources you can do this for the trees you are using. You can look at this guide if you wish learn more:

v1.0, 23/07/2013 - Initial release

If something is not working, please contact me. You can find me on TESNexus, Dark Creations and the official Elder Scrolls forums as 'Elinen'.

* A big thanks to Ga-Knomboe Boy for letting us use his tree models. All models named gkb are re-textures for the GKB green Trees resource (link: ).
* Thanks to Dark Creations for hosting the Hoddminir project. (link:
* Bethesda for the game Skyrim, tree and bush models used for re-textuing.

You can do what you want with this resource but I ask that you give me, Ztree, and Ga-Knomboe Boy credit if you distribute any part of this mod as part of your own work. If you want to use the textures for something else or change them that is OK.