MRLT as More Realistic Lootable Treasures by i73fi
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MRLT as More Realistic Lootable Treasures v1.2

== Requires

Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs

== About

This mod makes it much harder to find scrolls, jewelry, ingots, gems, soulgems, potions and magical items (including weapons and armor) from loots. Boss chests may contain them, if it suits the race/character class. For example giants doesn't use magic and are not interested about jewelry or gold so you might wanna search valuables from somewhere else. Giants have other "treasures".

And don't expect animals to have gems or other lootable things other than pelts or their body parts. They won't carry treasures with them :)

== Tips for starters, the rest you have to find out your own

- lockpicks can be found (most often) from bandit chests (but not boss chests)
- dwarven chests contain most likely magical items
- certain merchants sell magical items that may be difficult otherwise to get
- it's not a bad idea to start mining, making your own lockpicks and learn how to make potions

This mod adds more

- animal loots, for example birds have more feathers and bears more claws
- satchels and knapsacks have more loot
- books can be found more often (for example from night end tables, noble chests etc)
- human flesh and human hearts can be found more often (search for dead draugrs, corpses etc)

IWM mod suits this theme, it makes ingots and ore more rare to find from loots and tweaks weights