The Return of Thorald Grey-Mane-A Fully Voiced-Standalone Male Companion by rhowington
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About the mod

Like most of my mods, I bring back Thorald Grey-Mane, who disappears after the Missing in Action quest.

My vision for Thorald is that he was being used by the Battle-Borns, Imperials, and Thalmor, to make his brother Avulstein come out of hiding. To us Thorald, is a typical 20 something male, that has been spoiled by his mother. He drinks, womanizes, boasts, brawls, and feels sorry for himself. That is what we tried to portray in the dialogue. He will not be marriageable, he would rather chase barmaids.

He is fully voiced, will talk about growing up in Whiterun and the people of the city. He also comments about other cities and the people living there. He is fearful of dungeons, caves and ruins and will tell you. His chatter will not affect your stealth.

He may not be pure lore friendly but, does give insight into life and people of Skyrim.

If your Dragonborn is female he will make occasional remarks of her body from his point of view. If the Dragonborn is male he will make suggestions about socializing and drinking. Regardless of the player's sex he will brag of other female conquests he has made. If you feel that you will be offended by some of his chatter please do not download.

Now Thorald sings!! Ah..but this ain't your daddy's Ragnar the Red!


asiandrea features Thorald in her new video with 4 other mods. I spooled it to start a Thorald's section, but
please go back and watch the whole video.

Thanks Andrea

This is an old video. Many improvements have been made since its release.

Where to find him.

After the Missing in Action quest he will be in the Stormcloak Camp near Dragon Bridge plying his true profession, blacksmithing.

Special Information

Constructive comments and bug reports are always welcome. However, if you do not like the mod please just remove it and leave me in peace. Of course if you do like the mod we wouldn't mind an endorsement to keep our creative juices flowing and help more people find the mod.

Before asking a question review the comments, most have been answered. If a question has been asked and answered multiple times, I will ignore the request.

For answers to the most obvious questions, please see the faq below.


NMM recommended.

Manual Installation

Just drop the esp and bsa and seq into the data folder and activate.

How to Uninstall

If installed with NMM use NMM and simply uninstall.

If manually installed delete the esp and bsa from the data folder.


You must have a legal copy of Skyrim and updated to the latest version.


Q. Will scripts from this mod cause save game bloat?
A. Absolutely not. Why? I didn't use any but the vanilla scripts and only when I had to. Most of the chatter is set on a timer where if you are walking down the road he will talk for a while and then be silent for an hour or so. Of course, this doesn't hold if you fast travel.

Q. His hair is a different color.
A. Talk to him and he will tell you why.

Q. His voice is different than when I released him from Northwatch Keep.
A. Ask Bethesda. His brother Avulstein, sister Olfina, mother all have a voice type different than his. We just changed the accent so he sounded like the rest of his family.

Q. I use UFO and he won't follow me. He just walks away.
A. Use Vamyan's compatibility patch for UFO users. Visit Follower Compatibility to grab it, and please endorse his efforts.

Q. Does he work with SkyRe?
A. Yes.

Q. Will he be marriageable?
A. No

Q. Will you add more dialogue?
A. No! He talks too much already!

Used in screenshots:

E ENB Final Edition by ewi65

Enhanced Lights and FX by anamorfus

Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting - Audio by JJC71

Immersive Armors by hothtrooper44


There is no nudity in this mod and I will not allow any screens that show male or female images NSFW.

Special Thanks

To SarinGlave, whose time and effort gave voice to Thorald. This mod would not have been possible without him.

Additional thanks to harmony90 who gave his time and effort voicing Thorald but was unable to continue. I left two of his lines in the mod as a tribute. See if you notice.

Rip88 for Bri and Bri's Home

Kasprutz for Companion Selene Kate

SydneyB for Ashara Erin and Sienna

Those who kindly gave me permission to use their work:

Thanks to Appachii for permission to use AppachiiSkyHair.

Thanks to Urshi for permission to use
Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi by urshi

Thanks to Chris57 for permission to use
Better males by Chris57 and FavoredSoul

Thanks to LogRaam for permission to use
The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot

Tools Used

My other voiced mod

Loraine-A Quest driven voiced companion


This is a nexus-exclusive mod. Please do not upload this mod to the steam workshop or anywhere else. Stealing mods is not good for the soul.