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Ride wagon from cities, towns, and settlements, with vanilla recorded commentary. (Replacement for Scenic Carriages and Real Carriages, with many additional features.)

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  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • German
Touring replacement for Scenic Carriages and Real Carriages, with many additional features.

Travel to 9 holds:
  • Whiterun to "all the hold capitals."
  • Other carriages are (deliberately) more limited to their regions.
  • Carriages meet at the major holds, allowing easy transfer.
  • Carriages arrive periodically at hold capitals on their routes.
  • Each carriage has its own quest/script and runs independently.
  • Lore friendly.

Stops in settlements along the way (just ask the driver).
  • Learn of villages and inns from the travelogue as you pass them.
  • Visit them on a later trip.
  • Carriages arrive periodically at settlements on their routes.
  • Now including stops at Granite Hill, Helgen, Heljarchen (Nightgate Inn), Markside Stable, Nimalten Wood.

Travelogue commentary (already present in vanilla files) is actually working in multiple languages.
  • 65 vanilla lines only heard in Real Carriages.
  • 21 additional shared lines found hidden in the vanilla files.

  • Pausing anywhere along the way.
  • Sleeping (fast travel). Carriages now arrive at destination with you.
  • Variable speed. (Ask driver to hurry.)
  • Up to 3 followers travel with you.

Installs at any time:
  • Without hiding in safe cells or running scripts.
  • Can be installed from a save standing and staring at a vanilla carriage.

Removes cleanly:
  • Without hiding in safe cells or running scripts.
  • Restores to vanilla state immediately after arrival at the home city.
  • Restores to vanilla state after the carriage is out of sight.


This is a stand-alone replacement for Scenic Carriages and Real Carriages.
  • Logically, you cannot run this at the same time as either of them, just as you could not run them both at the same time. Saves after using either of them are unlikely to work properly.

Any trees or signs or posts or gates or buildings in the vanilla road preferred navmesh

Any non-vanilla bodies for followers or players

  • Bathing in Skyrim (turn off NPC animations during trips)
  • DVA Dynamic Vampire Appearance (turn off during trips)
  • HDT Physics Extension (turn off bouncing boobies, buttocks, etc.)
  • PC Exclusive Animation Path (some replacement races)
  • Tame the Beasts of Skyrim II (send home during trips)
  • Vanilla Armor Conversions for Dream Girl (probably Dream Girl itself)
  • Schlongs of Skyrim, further mentions will be summarily deleted.

Anything that doesn't follow the usual CK variable and follower framework coding standards.
(This is extremely hard to debug.)
  • Better Vampires

Generally a good idea to save before and after each trip, and any time you leave the carriage. The trips are fairly long and resource intensive. There are places in the roads that do not work reliably, but will work on reload of the same save.

However, auto-saving isn't a good idea. Saves made during a ride will not load properly. Saves made too quickly in certain places can crash the game.

Moreover, there are ephemeral engine bugs (unloading the actors and scenery during the trip).
  • The followers can disappear (3D graphics are unloaded), but will be there at the end of the journey.
  • The horse can also disappear, but will continue pulling the carriage.
  • If the driver disappears, a warning message box appears. While recovery is attempted, in this case it's probably best to quit the game, restart, and reload the save.

Trips finish in major holds. Once you've reached a major hold, you can update this patch. At this point, the most recently used touring carriage may not function, but the original hold carriage will work. The upgrade will complete as you enter the city (or a nearby building) or take an original carriage. If you are in a minor hold or other settlement, the non-functioning carriage will disappear as you enter a building.

Nota Bene:
Use LOOT to sort your load order. This plugin is best loaded near the top of the list.

After you get off the cart, your hands may appear to be bound in 3rd person. It's a game engine graphics bug. Weapons should equip without problem. Or you can try jumping in place.

Realistic Ragdolls will fix problems with some body replacers.
Inconsequential NPCs are merely decorative. They are not followers, they do not ride horses, nor do they ride the wagon.

I've added the console ability to go really slowly at the request of photographers, but you should not use it in regular game play. The carriage physics doesn't work well at slow speeds. The fastest ride is the smoothest.

Sollar spent over 700 hours on Scenic Carriages. I've spent at least 500 hours completely re-doing it from scratch, comparing every change with Real Carriages (designed by a Bethesda developer), avoiding the pitfalls learned, with at least another 200 hours beta testing without DLC, and another 200 hours testing with all DLC and all Unofficial Patches.

As with the Unofficial Patches, no further work is anticipated. Upgrade to Special Edition.