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Welcome To Dwarven Island. Legends Once Told Of A Dwarven Island That Remained Untouched For Centuries, The Last Fully Functional Dwarven Masterpiece In Existence. Ownership Of This Island City Has Now Been Passed Down To The Dragonborn.

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Dwarven Island
Welcome to Dwarven Island. Legends once told of a Dwarven Island that remained untouched for centuries, the last fully functional Dwarven masterpiece in existence. Ownership of this island city has now been passed down to the Dragonborn.

Dwarven Island has just about everything you could possibly need. The city is made up of eight diverse towers, a farm, and a stable. Each one of these has their own special feature. For example; The barracks includes you own private prison and the stable is home to a mechanical horse. Behind the city is the citadel. The citadel encloses the Dragonborn's quarters, throne room, power plant, catacombs, and other areas for you to explore. Worried about the security on your island? You have a private army of guards ensuring your safety wherever you go. This island is also home to some great structures for you to discover. You can find the sunken stonehenge or admire the massive Dwarven army of stone guarding the crypt of a past king.

How To Get To Dwarven Island:
In order to get to Dwarven Island you must use the ship north-west of Dawnstar. The ship will be marked on your map. Upon arrival, a key and a spell tome will be added to your inventory. The key unlocks certain places on the island and the spell tome is a teleport spell for faster transportation to the island in the future.

-Dragonborn's Quarters
-Throne Room
-Power Plant
-Control Room

-Dwemer Estate
-Assembly Center
-Towering Inn


Other Structures:

Hidden Structures:
-Dwarven Army Tomb

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-1.0-Fixed bugs, expanded meadery, added NPC's, added landscape.
-1.1-Added dungeon "Durgrunarr".
-1.2-Bug fixes, added NPC's.
-1.3-Fixed follower/ship bug, added 2nd dock, added NPC's, added landscape, added maze.
-1.4-Patched for Add-on 1, added interior details.
-1.5-Added control room, added ability to make island Stormcloak or Imperial themed, added NPC's, removed need for "Remove Guards" add-on (can now remove guards from control room), added Thor, added more detail to interiors.
-1.6-Added arena, removed need for "Remove Dragon" add-on (can now remove dragon from control room).

-Add-on 2-Dawnguard-Adds new area to citadel, adds Dwarven Power Armor, adds teleport buttons in Fort Dawnguard and Castle Volkihar, and more.



Oaristys and Tony67-Modders Resource Pack
InsanitySorrow-Insanitys Goldbrand
Lautasantenni-Treasure Crafting
OminousVoice-Heart of Thunder
D0VAK11N-Dwemer Garb