Heart of Hearts - Harvest Ingredients from Every Race by Slothen42
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Added: 18/07/2013 - 04:48AM
Updated: 25/07/2013 - 04:19AM

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Last updated at 4:19, 25 Jul 2013 Uploaded at 4:48, 18 Jul 2013

"Ingredients Galore" is the intellectual heir to this mod. I suggest checking that out.

This mod was created using the updated version of Skyrim.
I'm not sure how old a version will still function.

Why oh why?

It seems a little odd and perhaps a bit specist (Species+ist, like racist or sexist), that the only player race being carved up for potions were the humans. It's also a bit rude to lump all the humans together in this way. Why does the game just have human hearts and human flesh? There are four distinct types of humans and they're very different. Why should a Breton's heart be alchemically identical to a Nord's? Specism, that's why! You should should be able to carve up all races equally and the bloody gobbets of their once vital organs should produce effects unique to that race! Now you can!

What in the world?

With this mod, every member of each player race will have the possibility of dropping one heart, two eyes, three flesh, and three blood. These organs may be used as alchemic ingredients or flung at people with telekinesis or even left strewn about the floor for a comedically macabre atmosphere. I honestly don't care what you do with other people's severed organs. That being said, each set of organs has been given alchemic properties based on the presets of the corresponding race and the base heart and flesh ingredients.

That's not all!

They also contain a new set of effects:

The hearts and flesh of a race may be used to create a poison that is uniquely effective against that race.

The flesh and blood of a race may be used to create a potion that mimics the unique abilities of that race.

The eyes and blood of every race except the Orcs, may be used to create a potion that temporarily grants it's user the latent powers of that race or to enhance their own natural strengths.

The Orcs have a unique replacement for their non-existent latent capabilities.

The old Human Flesh and Human Heart ingredients have been renamed Heart and Flesh. They are dropped by the elder race, otherwise known as old people.

Hagravens and Falmer each have a couple of new drops as well.

Oh the Humanity or Vogonity or whatever!
Notes and warnings:

I have added DLC supplemental files. You can now collect hearts from all those Dunmer in Solstheim.

I suggest using the Hearthfire supplement if you have Hearthfire. Using the base mod without it may or may not prevent you from adopting children from the orphanage.

The second image is a spoiler.

This mod will conflict with any mod that alters any NPC.
This even conflicts with my own "raw food alchemy" mod.
The new items will not drop from mod created characters.
The race specific damage will not work on any mod created character.

I advise starting a new game for this mod. I could be wrong about this, but I have been led to believe that any enemy spawned before this mod was added will not be affected by it. This means there could be enemies immune to the race specific poisons, who won't drop the new ingredients. For the best experience, start a new game after installing it.



I added or altered deathlists for every relevant NPC.
This means there are now racial deathlists, which you could add stuff to.

For the race specific damage, I added a keyword to every relevant NPC.
This means you could make all sorts of race specific stuff, as long as it uses keyword conditions.