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Vanilla voiced creature followers: Spriggan, Flame Atronach, Wolf, Giant, Wisp/Shade, Dragon

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ENDORSE if you like it!! :) Rated 5-STAR ***** on Steam. Steam version here

Always TES5Edit-cleaned before each upload - no dirty edits!
Purely vanilla, so should have no conflicts
Requires only Skyrim & Update esms.

"Fury" the Flame Atronach - Fellglow Keep
FelloglowKeepExterior02 (map marker)
Voice type: Female Sultry
Spells: Flame Atronach and fire magic

"Dark Shade" the Necro Priest - Skytemple Ruins (behind locked door)
SkytempleRuinsExterior01 (map marker)

"Dez-Ahmit" the mini-Dragon - Bonestrewn Crest
BonestrewnCrestExterior06 (map marker)
Voice type: Male Drunk
Spells: all dragon shouts

"Data" the Dwemer Spider - Deep Folk Crossing
DeepFolkCrossingExterior01 (map marker)

"Grawp" the Giant - Sleeping Tree Camp
SleepingTreeCampExterior01 (map marker)
Voice type: Male Brute

"Xylyx" the Spriggan - Clearpine Pond
ClearpinePondExterior01 (map marker)
Voice: Female Dark Elf
Spells: All the Spriggan spells and abilities, plus specializes in Frost and Poison magick.
Perks: Stealth, Lightfoot (will not set off traps, will not affect Stealth meter)
I removed the annoying buzzing sound that other spriggans have (no swarm of flies following you around!)

"Wyndi" the Wisp - Frostflow Lighthouse
FrostflowLighthouseExterior01 (map marker)
Voice type: Female Young Eager
Spells: Wisp magic, Frost magic, Conjure Frost Atronach, Healing

"Werath" the Wolf - some Nord puzzle ruins west of Whiterun
POITundra14 (map marker)
Voice type: Male Argonian


"Scout" the Chaurus - Cold Rock Pass

"Mummy" the Draugr Overlord - Silent Moons Camp
Last room, next to exit ladder

Completely Vanilla
Works with AFT, UFO, EFF, FCO... ad nauseum!

No scripts, no bsa, no loose files.
Safe to Install/Uninstall as you please.

No, not marriageable. That's just weird.

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