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Finally a REAL Ledger that you can read!

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This is an HD retexture of that god awful Business Ledger which I just couldn't bear to look at while everything around it was HD-fied.

Seems to be one of those textures that no modder has touched. YET.

Welcome to my first original texture mod!
I present to you an almost REAL, readable and somewhat hilarious Business Ledger!

The game's original resolution is 256px while this one is 4 times that at 1024px.

Even the official Bethesda HD Texture Pack DLC did not do anything to improve the pathetic texture.


Real columns, and real (VANILLA) values which follow a calculation system explained below:

Barter Ratio = A ratio that determines the selling price of the item (and income of merchant) according to the formula
Selling Price = Barter ratio X Cost Price (Merchant Expenditure)

Then we have,
Subtotal = Income total - Expenditure Total

And finally,
Total = Subtotal - Hold Tax

For the eagle eyed amongst you, now you know why all merchants' gold (in vanilla game) wanders around 750.

2. Real Items, real costs and real customer names (almost each signature has a unique handwriting!)

3. Skyrim inside jokes for the fans.

4. Real antique paper textures and old style handwriting fonts have been used!

5. A (not so hidden) easter egg.

If you're wondering what the name of the merchant at the top is, it's just some random name I came up with - Jarle Kimat.

Here's a great video by Nozi87 (izon87604) which shows my mod! Watch in HD!

Download and enjoy a new Skyrim ledger, the way it should have been!

Please ask for permission before using this in your mods.
Please report any errors you may find, although it's highly unlikely. I've double checked the text and tested it in game.
Most important of all, enjoy the mod!

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