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Always wanted to see Skyrim's creatures without having to slay or chase them?
Watch all 50 creature races, tamed and from very close. And even make them perform a few tricks (aka "animations"). Just go close by, and activate them ('e' key).

Where? On the Battle-Born Farm Road, southeast of Whiterun.

But don't expect anything fancy or "immersive". This is simply my test mod for the new FNIS Creature functionality. And it shall also serve as example for creature animation modders. But I thought some users might also like to have this. Show the kids that they don't need to be afraid of trolls. ;-)

Note: in the absence of existing custom creature animations I was only able to use renamed vanilla animation files for this mod ("FNIS<creature><i><c>Anim.hkx"). The animation files with their original names are NOT needed to make the mod work. They are only left together with the renamed ones so you can figure out which ones are used. Or you can even replace them by your own choices., if you like to experiment.

  • Dragonborn DLC
  • Dawnguard DLC
  • FNIS 5.0.1 or higher
  • FNIS CreaturePack 5.0.1 or higher (an FNIS optional file)

  • Install FNIS Zoo
  • Install FNIS 5.0.1 or higher
  • Install FNIS CreaturePack 5.0.1 or higher (FNIS optional file)
  • Run FNIS generator

Open issue
  • If there is a turmoil (like dragon attack, civil war) the creatures can leave their places. They should be back when you re-enter the cell.