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A tree house player home and short quest.

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The concept started as an attempt to make a better treehouse home for Skyrim. I modeled it loosely on Tigger's treehouse from the animated Winnie the Pooh movie. From there it grew into a full-blown quest and boss fight, with a pretty epic player home as a reward.

The entire mod was a collaboration between Kaminazo and Spintochick. She voiced the American version of Tanner and created her character. The house design was done by Kaminazo. Spintochick was also responsible for Landscaping, navmeshing, character design, and play testing. Kaminazo was project lead, script writer, environment designer, mesh editor, and advertiser. We coordinated on most aspects of the mod, so what you see is the fruits of both of our labours. The British English version was recorded by my dear friend Amy Roberts.

The treehouse is located in Riften. It is a modest dwelling, but contains everything a player house should. It is truly in one of the most gorgeous parts of Skyrim, and the house looks amazing just before dusk. There are 6 mannequins, 4 plaques, 3 display cases, 1 dagger display, 10+ non-respawnable storage containers, an enchanter, alchemy bench, cooking pot, anvil, smelter, workbench, grinding wheel, wood chopper, 3 practice targets that yield marksman skill increases, custom soul gem storage, custom precious stone storage, custom respawnable bow rack, custom respawnable arrow barrel, prayer shrines, a crow's nest, a reflecting pool, and much much more.

To start the quest, you must first find a flyer on a light post just North of the Riften gate. Be prepared to fight a difficult battle to get the treehouse.

For your convenience, all the files are packed into a .bsa. Just make sure that the KamiTH.esp and the KamiTH.bsa are in your Skyrim/Data folder. Check it on in the data section of your Skyrim loader and play! There are no other mods or special requirements to run it. NMM makes it even easier. I recommend using SKSE and starting the game through Nexus Mod Manager.

Just remove the .esp and .bsa from your Skyrim/Data folder. Easy cleanup!

Kaminazo and Spintochick would like to thank everyone who guided us up to this point with CK help and other troubleshooting. Special thanks to Arthmoor for helping with the SEQ file. Also, special thanks to Amy Roberts for recording dialogue for us. Thank you to Nightskia for the incredible images, as well as some feedback and advice about the mod. Thanks to all who tested the mod. Thank you to anyone who downloads the mod and offers feedback on Nexus, we need your support always!