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A small-time project created to bring compatibility to modules created by the community , whilst including some vanilla renaming myself. Works with all Better Sorting modules.

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This is the first mod I've ever released - The files contained have been rigorously tested and work just fine, however I might be prone to oversights. Let me know!

There's not really much to it - Here lies the continued efforts to support modules created by the community, whilst fixing a few naming regimes in the base DLC's that others have taken oversight to. See the screenshots for the changes - Full changes are listed in the changelog for this version.

  1. Grab Enhanced Better Sorting if you haven't already, else this mod will look a little out of place.
  2. Download the enclosed mod with Nexus Mod Manager.
  3. Double-click to install.
  4. Select the plugins you'd like to install.

If you're having issues seeing the mod take effect in-game, please make sure my plugins load at the END of your load order.


Deactivate with the mod manager, or remove the files manually from your Data directory.

Please note that each plugin has a built-in dependency list. If you don't have a required dependency installed (for example, Immersive Weapons.esp), the installer will inform you.

Currently supports Immersive Weapons' arrows, and a rename to a few of Hearthfire's weapons.

Have a mod that you'd like your items made compatible with the slew of Better Sorting mods out there? Let me know.