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HD 2048x2048 Diffuse, Normal and Specular maps for males that aims for a lore friendly look made using handpainting and HD skin photos.

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HD 2048x2048 diffuse, normal and specular for male faces. Made using handpainting and HD skin photos. I aimed for a more rugged look that suited the men of Skyrim and that was also lore friendly and a similar style to the vanilla males. However I have also made a more smooth version that is less wrinkled for people want that look (if you don't like mine I suggest using this mod by Urshi. Any suggestions for changes I will consider but I made this for me so unless I agree with you I won't change it but I do plan to work on this more. If you like my mod an endorsement would be nice it helps to encourage to work more on the game. Thanks!

- Any suggestions people may have
- Male body textures

- CNHF. Awesome lore friendly female body replacer that comes with great textures by Nuska.
- Somber ENB.
- All Isoku mods.

Use NMM or alternatively just drag the texture folder in the archive and put it in your Data folder. To uninstall just remove the textures from the folder you put them in.

Not compatible with any other mod that retextures faces, if you want my textures just let mine overwrite there's.

Many thanks and credit to
Urshi - Fine Face Textures for Men
Geonox - High Res Face Maps for Men
Pikkatze - Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents
Mackom - Real Skin for Men
And of course everyone whose work I have learned from or who has given me advice.

- None known. Other than a slight neckseam with the favoured soul body.