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Removed useless perks, add a new one and rebalance the perk position to make Lockpicking tree more attractive.

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If you don't like mods that drastically change vanilla, but also think that vanilla lockpicking tree is useless and unattractive then this mod it's definitely for you.
I have just change some perk orders, removed all useless perks, and added 1 perk that fortify lockpicking.


-Lockpicking tree is now less demanding. It has 6 perks (down from 11).
-Tree's structure has been reconfigured to make interesting perks more accesible.
-Useless Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert and Master Locks perks are gone.
-1 new perk called Unlocker gives you a 15% fortify lockpicking bonus.
-Unlocker is now the only required perk for others.
-Quick hands: unchanged except for required perk.
-Wax key: increased skill level required from 50 to 70
-Golden touch: decreased skill level required from 60 to 40.
-Treasure hunter: unchanged.
-Locksmith and Unbreakable: merged into Locksmith, skill level required is pretty low compared to both vanilla perks (50 down from 80/90).


-Advanced version of the mod, provides another new perk called Lockpicking Master, which gives you a 35% fortify lockpicking bonus. This perk requires Wax key, Locksmith and Treasure hunter perks. The reason of this perk is to have a reward if player fills the entire tree and reach level 100 in lockpicking.
-In addiction Unbreakable feature has been removed from Locksmith perk. I thought that Skeleton key artifact must be special as intended.

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