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Adds parallax to roads and bridges. Check description.

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Video by hodilton

This mod is intended to be used with Skyrim HD - 2K Textures.
Basically this mod:
  • adds parallax map to Skyrim HD - 2K Textures roads;
  • optimizes road textures (diffuse map) from Skyrim HD - 2K Textures by reducing their size from 5.5MB to 2.7MB without quality loss;
  • enhances and optimizes SHD2K`s normal maps;
  • adds new high quality textures, normal maps and parallax maps to bridges;

Unlike other mods, this also adds parallax to snowy/icy roads and leafy roads.
Episode Parallax adds support for
Project Parallax - Solitude (a bridge from Solitude) and SMIM (bridges).
Please let me know if i missed anything.
If you have any suggestions feel free to leave feedback, i`ll be happy to hear about it.
Criticism is also welcomed.

  • ENB .112 or later, if you don't have it you can`t run this mod or any other parallax mods. Download it from here.
  • set "FixParallaxBugs" to "true" in the enbseries.ini.
  • you can also get alternative ENB presets, RealVision ENB (adapted for Climates of Tamriel) or Tundra ENB (adapted for vanilla weathers) being one of the best from my perspective.

  • download files manually, extract (winrar, 7zip) and put them in your Data folder. Enable EpisodeParallax.esp using your favorite launcher.
  • if you have SMIM installed (higly recommended), download Episode Parallax - SMIM Patch, extract and drop (overwrite four files) into Data folder.
  • if you have Project Parallax - Solitude (higly recommended), manually download Episode Parallax - PP Solitude Patch, extract and drop (overwrite one file) into Data folder.

NebuLa1 for Skyrim HD - 2K Textures
ftourini from Deviantart for bridge texture
osmodius for helping
Hein84 for helping
Kaya47 for normal maps, parallax maps and the rest of the junk

Skyrim HD - 2K Textures (almost required)
Project Parallax - Whiterun
Project Parallax - Solitude
Project Parallax - Windhelm
Project Parallax - Markarth
Rocking Stones Parallax

If you have
Project Parallax - Roads and Bridges installed, overwrite files. This mod is an alternative to Project Parallax - Roads and Bridges.

You`re free to use these assets as long as you give credits to their respective owners/makers.
You might need explicit permission from NebuLa1 to use his textures.