Beautiful Freaks Warpaint by MM
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Added: 11/07/2013 - 06:06PM
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Beautiful Freaks - Layered Paints by MM

 First things first: this is my first time releasing a mod. I will try and support it, respond to questions and comments and perhaps update it when/if I make more paints. I'm not quite skilled enough for requests, but I am still fully willing to listen to requests - I just can't promise anything, sorry. 

This mod replaces the vanilla warpaints 1-10 with my own paints. They're not designed to be Lore-friendly, so don't worry, I'm well aware that they don't fit with the Nordic look of Skyrim. But if you're looking for creepy warpaint for whatever reason. . Here, I tried! ^^
The warpaints are designed to be layered with one another using RaceMenu, allowing you to mix the colors of each layer and stack them up however you want - letting you make all sorts of designs unique for your characters.

None if you're using the replacer version, however, make sure to use RaceMenu if you want the paints to be standalone.
I HIGHLY recommend using the SKSE .ini tweak so your warpaints won't be blocky!

faeriexdecay - Original idea and testing
andreamkall - Testing
daMiriam - Testing and cool suggestions 
gracescreech - Testing/Keeping me company
CrimsonFairy - Testing/Listening to endless rants
TairenSoul - Making the standalone update

If I forgot someone please slap me, remind me and forgive me. In that order.