Witch Of The Wild by RavenDier
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Added: 10/07/2013 - 05:46PM
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Saiodin made a wonderful video here(left) with a mini walkthrough! A thousand thanks!
I used to be a video creator like him, then I took know. lol

dptheslothking bring us another one(Right), if visuals & music is your cup of tea, you shouldn't miss this. :)

hodilton show me how to make a video with a nice ENB(2nd row left), beautiful. Thanks man.

Seren4XX sent me another video link(2nd row right), different perspective always could help me find imperfect place, thank you.

Seriously I wanna thanks everyone who spends time to download the mod, make a video, leave me a comment, upload image, give me endorments & feedback & constructive suggestions.

You guys are the reason why I like Nexus so much :)

A mod for what?
First things, this is NOT morrigan robe convert MOD. Such MOD had been done long time ago, just google "skyrim morrigan armor" you will get it.

Several months ago, a friend sent me some sketches, a necromancer girl -- who wear corset ,long skirt and grabing a human skull -- caught my eyes, a sexy & mystical witch, that's the beginning of this mod.

I love female spellcast character. So I made this mod which include a robe set and a heavy armor set for my character and now I wanna share it with you guys.

Game version 1.9, CBBE or UNP MOD. Vanilla or other body type may have texture seam and "shapechange".

1.Use NMM install (recommend)

2.Manual Install

CBBE user copy "meshes","scripts","Textures","Witch Of The Wild.esp" to "Data" Folder.
UNP user copy "Body\UNP\meshes","scripts","Textures","Witch Of The Wild.esp" to "Data" Folder.
UNPB user copy "Body\UNPB\meshes","scripts","Textures","Witch Of The Wild.esp" to "Data" Folder.
ADEC user copy "Body\ADEC\meshes","scripts","Textures","Witch Of The Wild.esp" to "Data" Folder.

Do NOT support BBP OR TBBP

How to activate the MOD
Just enter glenmoril coven, the quest will start immediantly. If you have no idea there is this cave, check the last image I've uploaded.

GENZOMAN is one of my most favorite artists, this is the first time I use his/her painting as concept to model. If you like this mod, the credit is his/her.
Caliente's body MOD is always my first choice, a big thanks.
UNP give me more choice, another exellent body MOD, another big thanks to DIMONIZED.
Since the "wicked" EA bought Bioware, Bethesda became my favorite. Thanks for the great game.