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More powerful version of \'Eagle Eye\' without needing any perks or a bow.

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UPDATE: Added Boring version with no Effects only zoom. Yawn ;)

Chinese translation available at

with big thanks once again to p0i :)


More powerful version of 'Eagle Eye' without needing any perks or a bow.

Adds a lesser power to newly created characters that grants 'Hawk Eye'. A brief (6 sec) zoom of vision that can be used as often as needed for scouting.

The power is added to the player no matter the race as a blessing of Kyne upon the Dragonborn via the spirit of his Totem animal, the Hawk. CAWwww

You can rationalise it lore wise many ways. Adds a little spice to new characters. Kajit, Bosmer, Vampire especially.

Muzzammil12/TheOpoplogy was kind enough to make a showcase video of the mod.

Check out his channel here.


This is essentially a cut down version of my mod Telescope's script.

And was suggested by Coastalaxe

And honestly is a simple way to get on the fly FOV (Field of Vision) attached to the player that I should have thought of sooner.

I've added some effects to make it more interesting. just an ISM and Hawk Screech when activated. May Kyne guide you...

If you like the mod send Coastalaxe a kudo and while your at it send one to Volvaga0. Though I'll never admit it the script wouldn't be what it is without his help :)

You can find the semi-retired boffin at Dwemer Goggles and Scouter, one of the best mods on the nexus.


Once installed the mod will add a lesser power to new characters. To activate go to magic menu. Select 'Powers'. Select 'Hawk Eye'. Once back in game press 'Z' or whatever key you have mapped to activate powers. The effect will last about 6 seconds and then return you to normal.


Don't go crazy, how far do you want to see!

Seriously, Hawk Eye is FOV 12, way better then Eagle Eye zoom. Hawk Eye is more for Scouting. Eagle Eye for Sniping.

Eagle eye has never played nice with my FOV script so I accept no responsibility if crazy things happen if you try to use this mod while bow scoping with eagle eye. You can have both just don't use them together (I'll add some tech stuff in forums why if anyone's interested)


They are playing nice together but as above don't go being greedy and try using the power while using a telescope just to be safe. The scripts are almost identical, you get the same zoom with this mod as the second tier scopes from my other mod.

If asked to overwrite a file or two from telescope you can say yes or no depending on what your most comfortable with. They are exactly the same, I didn't name them differently so the two mods can share them without adding extra scripts to your load.


IMPORTANT! This Mod requires the latest version of SKSE and Skyrim. Don't let it put you off, it's dead easy to get up and running.

If you don't know about SKSE check out Gopher's video at

or head over to

If you see a fraction of a second greenish flash on ending chargen that's the power being added to your character. It a good thing :)

Click the Download with Manager button in the files section to download to NMM.
Activate the mod in NMM. The power will be added to your new character.

To manually install, just download the file and extract the files into the data folder.


The sound effect was recorded by PsychoBird at

as far as I understand the license

it's free to use as long as PsychoBird is credited. If I'm wrong someone PM me and I'll take it down straight away.


The effect is added as a starting spell to the player on starting a new game. If you use other mods that change the spells you get on starting you may run into problems, you may not. You may have to choose.

Just have up to date SKSE and skyrim, don't try maxing out the effect with other zoom effects and you'll be fine.

And yes, I know I do terrible description pages but my mods are solid at this stage, honest :)