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Unique weapons, artifacts, and select quest reward/leveled weapons have been given unlimited charge to reflect the fact that they are, well, unique.

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Mods that do this come along every now and then, but usually the guy uploading them has no clue what he's doing, and ends up either removing the charge entirely (making them not only have no juice, but also making it impossible to recharge them), or giving a massive amount of charge without taking care of the cost. Neither one is truly unlimited, and thus, it isn't what I personally have been looking for. There is another mod ( that does the same thing as my mod, but it hasn't been updated for Dragonborn, and makes a few more changes overall than mine. Ultimately, I was going for compatibility when I made this, so I messed with as little as possible. But, if you don't have Dragonborn and don't plan to get it, that's the mod for you. This mod *REQUIRES* the latest update, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn, and will never require less than that.

To give fair warning, these weapons are by-and-by-large very powerful, and my removing the need to keep recharging them to get the best effects will unbalance things a little bit. If it bothers you that much, turn your difficulty up, get a combat mod, or something to that effect.

But, you're reading this to see what weapons are modified, right? Here we go:

Aetherial Staff
Auriel's Bow
Blade of Woe (both)
Bloodskal Blade
Bolar's Oathblade
Bow of the Hunt
Dragon Priest Staff (both)
Dwarven Black Bow of Fate
Eye of Melka
Firiniel's End
Froki's Bow
Gadnor's Staff of Charming
Gauldur Blackblade
Gauldur Blackbow
Halldir's Staff
Harkon's Sword
Herebane's Courage
Hevnoraak's Staff
Mace of Molag Bal
Nightingale Blade
Nightingale Bow
Pale Blade
Red Eagle's Bane
Rueful Axe
Sanguine Rose
Sild's Staff
Spider Control Rod (both)
Staff of Arcane Authority
Staff of Hag's Wrath
Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson
Staff of Magnus
Staff of Ruunvald
Staff of Tandil

These are the weapons I've done as of the 1.0 release. I *think* I got them all, but I could have missed something when digging through the CK. If you find one I haven't gotten to (that is actually unique, and isn't Red Eagle's Fury), let me know and I'll put out an update.

Now, for compatibility, I did as little to the actual weapons as possible. But, in some cases, I had to make new enchantment forms so that a unique weapon with a generic vanilla enchantment could have the same unlimited quality as the ones that were given unique enchantments by Bethesda. I did go back on a USKP fix on Grimsever, where they changed it to a two-handed sword. I disagree with it, and the base game has it as one-handed, so I stand with Bethesda's decision. If it *really* matters that much, I could be persuaded to change it. It would take literally two minutes from firing up the CK to being done. Course, by that end, you could do it yourself if you really care.

I also use this with kryptopyr's Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade (, and suggest that if you do, you load it after his, like I do. It'll change a few things his mod does to unique weapons, but he doesn't do much to them, so it's not that big of a concern. Again, if it bothers people that much, I can add in the changes from WAFR so that there aren't conflicts.

Speaking of kryptopyr, his mod, Upgrade Leveled Items Spell (, works very well with this mod. I did nothing to leveled lists, and weapons that have multiple tiers (most of the quest rewards) still behave normally. But, if you use this spell, it'll upgrade them to the next tier. I highly recommend it, even if you're not going to use this mod.

Okay, have fun.