Kittyehs Dog Retexture Project by Kittyeh
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Added: 09/07/2013 - 04:09AM
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-------------------What does it do?--------------------------
Basically... retexture and model change of the dogs of skyrim. Only, more realistic. Not this 'Irish wolfhound uber ugly eyebrow dog' Crap..xD [The vanilla looked ugly to me].

--------------------What are these 'Packs?'----------------------------
Each pack has 2 different dog textures in them. For example, the Aussie pack has the Aussie Dogs, the German Shepherd has those two, and the Border collie has those two.

----------------------What are the different 'Versions' of the packs?--------------------
Different versions have different variations of the type of dogs in the earlier/later versions. For example, In Ver. 2 Of The Aussie dogs, they are still Australian Shepherds dogs, just different patterns/styles. To add more variety. ;3

------------------------Plans for the Future------------------
+I might one day edit the Dog stats?
+And; Add more variations. ie packs.
+I might do other animals if requested enough?

+Australian Shepherd [Aussies!<3] Ver. 1 Released.