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- Skyrim patched with latest Patch
- Dawnguard DLC

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Well it's time agian for my next house mod I thought and here it is. It's a nice cozy and freaking cool looking abode on a mountain.
The place has been well chosen and long searched. The house is themed around a vampire hunter, which left the Dawnguards. You will find him
once you travel up to the mountain.
The house comes this time with another unique location. A large and epic designed cave which will lead you down the mountain, to Falkreath.
Inside the cave you will find a grave of old blades and a lot of unique designed sturctures.
The house itself has nice looking and good lightning I hope and is directly connected to the cave through an ancient passage.

Discover the house and it's secrets and enjoy living there!
I hope to make a quest soon once I am more aware how to do a quest.

Getting there:
Inisde the downloaded folder you will find a image file which shows you 2 locations.
I suggest you start from Bloodlet Throne, once you're there head directly to the first map marker which will lead you infront of the house.
Awaiting you there is the previous owner and some of his let's call it 'unwanted friends'.

Everything is Navmeshed!!

-) unique looking exterior
-) all crafting and smithing facilities
-) a open hot tub
-) wood chopping and smelting
-) a door to close to feel save
-) a shrine of Talos
-) beautiful lightning and exterior effects (blowing snow, wind,...)

Interior of the House:
-) cooking area
-) dinning table and bar with heating plate
-) unique lightning and design
-) vampire hunter themed
-) bookshelfs
-) weapon plaques and holders
-) 3 Mannequins
-) sleeping area for you
-) bed for your follower
-) a nice looking alchemic area
-) a small study table
-) secret enchanting laboratory
-) passage to the mine

The passage:
-) frozen ambient
-) a lot of water
-) a ancient shrine of Auriel
-) connection to the mine

The Snowy Creek:
-) really unique look
-) epic ambient and sounds
-) lot's of waterfalls and jumping abilities
-) a great hall which is worth a visit
-) just a epic feeling I hope

I would propose you to use the NMM manager to install this modification, because it's the easiest way.

Klick on the download with NMM manager button and install the mod.

If you want to install this mod manually, you have to download it and unpack the archive somewhere. After you unpacked it drop the SnowyCreek.esp and .bsa into your Skyrim/Data folder. Later on chose your prefered launcher and activate the .esp.

Again I suggest using the NMM, which provides a much easier way to handle mods.

Deactivate the mod in the NMM mod list and delete it afterwards.

Remove the SnowyCreek.esp and .bsa from your Skyrim/Data folder.

Q: Is this mod cleaned with TES5Edit?
A: Yes ofc. it was cleaned and checked with it.

Q: Where is the house located?
A: You can either look the Screenshots on the mod page or in the folder

Q: Could you add this and that for me?
A: Just post it in the comments and I'll see what I can do.

Q: Why no quest or sth. like that?
A: Sadly I am not good enough to make quests atm., but you will find a short story about the old owner once you find him.

Version 1.0 -- initial Release

Reserved for future updates.

Blary for his genious resources
Oaristys & Tony67 for their fantastic Modders Resource pack
Bethesda for creation of the game and the CK

Finally don't forget to enjoy the mod and the game !!!


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