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Last updated at 15:44, 17 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 13:51, 16 Dec 2011

This mod allows for Lisette the Bard to be both your wife and follower companion. She can cook, start a business, follow you in your quests, play flute randomly while traveling and still sing requests in The Winking Skeever of Solitude.

Plugin includes:
- Ancient Draugr Armor for her basic traveling armor.
- Package adjustments to allow her to do her job.
- upgraded weapons and spells.

Place "Lisette Wife Companion.esp" in your \Skyrim\Data\ folder.
Read the uploaded Readme on how to get her, even if you have a current wife.

Delete "Lisette Wife Companion.esp"


Alter the mod as you see fit, but I will be improving it more when CK comes out.

Bugs:There is an issue of dialogue, but it is due to improper sequence of steps.
For dialogue issues I performed two tests. Should I go to Solitude first and make her follower? Or should I go to Riften first to get the Amulet of Mara .
Test #1:
I started a test beginning at Helgen, redoing my character. I then set tgm, bought a horse in whiterun (without starting that dragon quest), and rode it directly to Solitude. I arrived in Solitude as usual, just in time for the beheading. Skipping the beheading I went directly into Winking Skeever, used command: setrelationshiprank player 4, and NO DIALOGUE. I figured that I would grab her as follower first then head to Riften together and marry there. This path does not work. You must take the following path Test #2.
Test #2: I reverted to earlier save, used command: player.moveto , just to expediate the travel because I was in Solitude. I bought the necklace in the Bee and Barb, then fast traveled to Solitude. Upon entering Winking Skeever, I first put the Amulet of Mara on. Walked close to Lisette, used command: setrelationshiprank player 4, I then initiated talk with her, bang! ALL Dialogue for follower and marriage.
The important key here is that you need to have the Amulet of Mara to force start the dialogue.

- Aoikani