TWM Falkreath Ranger Armor by Timmy19992
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Last updated at 5:21, 8 Jul 2013 Uploaded at 5:19, 8 Jul 2013

The mod adds Falkreath Ranger Armor to the game. You can create armor in the forge when you have unlocked the dragon smithing perk.

There are 2 versions of armor:

1) Normal light armor that can be crafted at any blacksmith or bought in Falkreath in stock at Grey Pine Goods.

2) Enchanted armor that can only be crafted at the forge using frost miriam, leather, leather strips, hanging moss, and taproot.

***Enchanted version of the cuirass isn't working for some reason, stats don't appear. I've tried messing with the .esp, the enchant code seems to be correct but still nothing. Other than that everything is good. If anyone knows how to fix this, shoot me a message.***

You can create in the forge:
Falkreath Ranger Cuirass
Falkreath Ranger Cape
Falkreath Ranger Hood
Falkreath Ranger Hood (Masked)
Falkreath Ranger Bracers
Falkreath Ranger Bracers (Gloved)
Falkreath Ranger Boots
Stats are a bit lower than dragon scale armor.

All armor is temperable and is suitable for all genders and races. However for the khajiit, orcs and argonians the hood goes without a mask. The reason is they have an elongated face and the mask looks very strange.

All credit goes to Timmy19992.