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IMPORTANT EDIT: This mod is completely compatible with the male counterpart (Krentvensaviik) HOWEVER, If you choose to marry her, BEFORE YOU GO INTO THE TEMPLE ON YOUR WEDDING DAY MAKE SURE BOTH ZIISOSGEIN AND KRENTVENSAVIIK ARE SMALLSCALE, Because he is a friend he will attend your wedding, if you forget to resize him too, he will glitch inside the temple at fullscale and crash your game or lag you like hell. Find Krentvensaviik here:

Meet Ziisosgein, or Spirit Blood One in language of the Dohv. She is a follower dragon, friendly, and MARRIAGEABLE. You don't need to do anything for her, she just loves you already. she ''lives'' on a small plot of land in front of the mill at ChillFurrow Farm in Whiterun's outskirts. Remember to save often when gaming, I am not liable for loss of data. Further update on this mod is currently debatable; this is my second mod ever and my second time working with the creation kit, it would take a lot for me to try and fix all bugs but please do tell me of anything you discover. Don't go overboard with her, treat the mod gently. SHE IS FULL SIZE. If you wish to change her size, which at some points you WILL have to, open up the console by pressing the Tilde key, ''~'', and click on her, then type ''setscale #'' the numbers I recommend are: Medium large ''setscale 0.75''; Small ''setscale 0.25''; and to reset her to normal size ''setscale 1.000'' all without quotes of course. For the most part She cannot enter buildings like taverns. if you want to try and get her into one, make sure she is SMALL scale first. IMPORTANT: If you wish to marry her, DO NOT, REPEAT DO NOT, agree to marry her then save and quit, this will corrupt your save for some reason and she will no longer have dialogue options. She'll just stand there and look pretty. If you try to enter temples and things with her, she will most likely not be there. Or she will get stuck on everything. I recommend you keep her as a follower for outdoorsy things. Also, NPC's HAVE to follow an invisible scripted route made of poly's. These poly's tell them they can't run up on rocks and things. So if you're wandering around and she gets stuck, just keep going, because one of two things will happen: A) She'll find a way around or (B) Should you run into danger or get too far from her, she will fly to you. I recommend most of the time you have her set to her regular size, because after a while of being unnaturally small she'll begin to get buggy like flying through the floor and never landing or moving in slow-mo. Plus she can protect you better when she's bigger. I'm pretty certain she's invincible, I do not know if my attempt to make this so actually worked, I haven't tried to kill her. Sorry about the long description, I wanted to be detailed. Enjoy her!

If you agree to marry her, MARRY her AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Travel to the temple of mara, which I recommend you do with her as your FOLLOWER and set to small scale, go through all that hullaballoo and then do whatever till it's time for your wedding. It is CRUCIAL THAT YOU MAKE SURE SHE IS SET TO SMALL SCALE BEFORE YOU GO INTO THE TEMPLE TO BE MARRIED. Otherwise when she appears inside, she will be huge and glitching through the walls of the temple, this is because while you can go anywhere, NPC's HAVE to follow an invisible scripted route made of poly's. These poly's tell them they can't run up on rocks and things. When you enter the temple to be married you'll probably see yourself falling through the map for like, 5 seconds, all you have to do is click/hit a directional button like forward and you should auto-walk toward the alter. At first she will be invisible but you'll hear her breathing, don't worry, she'll poof there in a few seconds. When she asks where you wish to live, DO NOT MOVE HER IN WITH YOU. AGREE TO LIVE WITH HER. Live in your own place on your own time. If you choose to have her move in with you, she will glitch and likely crash you. Agreeing to live with her just means she'll stay at that plot of land at Chillfurrow. You can go into your house(s) whenever, you know that. I have not TRIED, however, to bring her into my house when set to SMALLSCALE, it may work, it may not. However if you decide to try this. make sure it's a house with little clutter, as again, NPC's can only go so many places. She will still cook you food and things a regular spouse would do.

NEW BUG FIX: If you somehow have the amulet of mara but have not yet been to riften and spoken to maramal, the marriage option will not come up. SO, if you are not getting it, go and do that. You don't need to BUY the amulet from maramal, and he won't let you if you already have one, so just talk to him about how marriage works in skyrim and then fast travel back to Ziisosgein.

NEW NON-COMPATIBLE: Currently not compatible with the Amazing Follower Tweaks mod. However, totally compatible with Fixed Followers Light so far I have had no problems with that one.

NEW NON-COMPATIBLE: Ultimate Follower Overhaul

NON-COMPATIBLE AND COMMON ISSUE FIX: This mod seems to be commonly incompatible with follower mods. If you have follower mods like Amazing Follower Tweaks ect. Try disabling it and see if it works. If it doesn't try disabling other things, the only reason he doesn't appear is because there is a conflict. Which is caused because of the complex-ness of his script, being a dragon.

NEW BUG FIX: On occassion, not always, there can be a glitch that after fighting, they won't stop flying, and sometimes they'll even fly up toward the sky endlessly. All you have to do is catch one of them and tell them to follow you, then tel them to wait wherever. Wait for them to circle in the air and land before telling them to part ways. They will be fine after. This only happened to me once, but still. If it happens to you you now know what to do.