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Important: Even though you turn off the quest markers in the skyrimprefs.ini, they will still show up in the local map. For now, the best solution is to make a quest active that you have no intention of doing for a while. That will prevent the game from auto activating any new quests you pick up.

So my ISP has screwed my Internet for the past few days with no explanation so I can't work on the mod :( ill be getting back to it ASAP

If you find a description that is too easy/hard to follow, bugs, grammar mistakes or spelling errors just let me know :)

This mod removes dungeon map markers and adds very detailed directions to your quest log and often, to your objectives. And is designed so you can play and turn off those annoying magical location arrows!

So you may ask yourself, "Why should I use this mod instead of Even Better Quest Objectives". Well that mod is awesome... if your still using quest markers, it's great to have a little more description other than "go here". My mod is completely different. I'm designing this mod so you can play Skyrim without the use of quest markers or without having map markers added by quest scripts so you can get that feel of immersion you got back in the Morrowind days. It will encourage you to explore a little more as you don't have an arrow to follow or a location plopped on your map.


-Manually download the files. Place the .esp and the .bsa in your Skyrim/Data folder.

-Important for immersion Go to documents/mygames/skyrim/ and open skyrimprefs.ini
Under [Gameplay], change the values to 0 for: showfloatingQuestMarkers and showQuestMarkers

-TO UPDATE: Just replace the files.

Next Updates

Maybe around the 1st , I'm gonna try to put a whole wack of quests in this update.

Future Plans

I want to turn useless radiant quests into full on questlines such as: Fetch me that book! from Urag gro-Shub at the college and The Dark Brotherhood Forever radiant quests. I will also make them harder and more rewarding.


MSQSO v1.05

- All non radiant quests done! Moving on to the radiant ones :)

MSQSO v1.04

- Most of the Daedric quests, except Malog Bal and Meridia
- Some sidequests for Markarth, Morthal and Rifen

MSQSO v1.03

-Thieves Guild Questline
- Dark Brotherhood - With Friends Like These...: Removed map marker.


AdamantiumReaver - for giving me awesome advice on my first mod! Check out his awesome mod: New Voice Packs for - Additional Player Voices by Nanahane.