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Tundra ENB

Thank you all for the endorsements!! May your swords and fireballs always strike true and may you always have venison and mead to prevent the collywobbles :)

Tundra ENB started out as a vibrant colorful Skyrim. Later it morphed into different versions for different moods. Chilly version was designed to focus less on color and more on cold atmosphere. Warm tried to keep some of the vanilla colors, but only emphasize them more. Vibrant is for those who want to slay trolls on LSD. Pick your flavor! Previous ENB mods that have given me inspiration are The Wilds ENB and K ENB. This ENB utilizes time of day detection making everything much more customizable than before (pre v0.168) and specifically designed weather presets for fog, snow, storm, rain, ash, cloudy and clear. I hope you enjoy it.

Video courtesy of hodilton

Vibrant Edition


Drag and drop everything from "Main Folder" into the main Skyrim folder. Over right if requested. Do NOT open any sub folders such as SweetFX and drag there contents into Skyrim Folder. Only copy and paste every file and folder from "Main Folder" into the Skyrim folder where the exe is located.

Download the latest ENBSeries (top of page) Skyrim binary from Boris Vorontsov's webpage and install only the "d3d9.dll" from the "WrapperVersion" folder into the main Skyrim folder.

Make sure your SkyrimPrefs.ini in the "Documents/My Games/Skyrim" folder has the settings set to as below.

[Display] section:


Install the "all in one" Skyrim ENB Particle Patch. This is really important because it will fix certain meshes that correspond incorrectly to the ENB settings making certain things (such as fog or smoke) in the world stand out like a sore thumb. Thank you Mindflux for your amazing work!

Install Revamped Exterior Fog (Required!).

Install the file in the Nighteye Compatability folder that meets your current mod configuration. Then go to Enhanced ENB Night Eye and install the nighteye esp that again meets your mod configuration.

Make sure your monitor is properly calibrated, especially the gamma! Go to the Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Display and click Calibrate color. For my monitor I had to decrease the gamma to the lowest it could possibly go, but everyone's monitor is different. If my ENB is too bright I'll make some adjustments to the ini. Also make sure the ingame gamma is set to 1.000 (default). Feedback always appreciated.

Climates of Tamriel is not supported. I doubt I will create a CoT preset for Tundra ENB since it would require a complete rework of every lighting, shadowing, sky, lod setting I've tweaked and I doubt I would achieve the same look that I have currently. If ever I do create a CoT preset, it will most likely be a separate mod.

I also do not plan on releasing a performance preset since that would require disabling SSAO and maybe Depth of Field. Disabling these would change the originally intended lighting effects, shadowing on lods, trees, and grass for this mod. Now you can disable them in the enbseries.ini file at the top under [EFFECT] (set TRUE to FALSE) if you'd like, but I will NOT re-tweak the ini for anyone who has turned these off because of the reasons above.

Warm Edition

Recommended Mods

Chilly Edition


v0.254 - Check Comments.

v0.250 - Check Comments.

v0.199. Added a warmer Tundra ENB which puts more emphasis on greens, blue and oranges. Chilly Edition is a little lack of color; mostly a blue cold overtone. Vibrant Edition is the original Tundra ENB. I went through the original version and hopefully removed the purplish tint (might be slightly present in some areas). Now there is more yellows to make the reds more orange. Note - the colors in vibrant edition are suppose to be just that... Vibrant. That's how I originally made Tundra ENB.

v0.198 - Reworked the sunset, sunrise and day lighting hopefully removing, or at least reducing, the red overtone that was present previously. ReduceSystemMemoryUsage is on by default since it doesn't cause lag anymore and significantly reduces RAM usage.


I am requesting that nobody re-upload the Tundra ENB presets or claim the tweaks and work in them as their own. The latest versions of Tundra ENB use a new enbeffect.fx file that I'm using with the permission of WolfGrimDark and Tansarville. I'm using enbbloom.fx and enbeffectprepass.fx with the permission of Kyokushinoyama. Permission of those files can only be granted by them.


Boris Vorontsov - Creator of ENBSeries, ENB community, Midhras, JawZ - for his great coding skills and help, Anthemios aka Trilville, Mindflux aka Artem1s, Matso, HeliosDoubleSix, MTichenor, Michael Tichenor and gp65cj04, Dirty Peasant, Solsikke737, namaste, anaphiel, LSiwora, Kyokushinoyama (K ENB) for inspiration and giving permission to use his K ENB files, Andrej Dudenhefner - Creator of SMAA injector, Christian Jensen - Creator of SweetFX, Opethfeldt for his enbsunsprite.tga, ZeroKing for Post-Process Effects for ENB, ALFA 1 for an optimized DoF effect, Aiyen, Tonaran, Tansarville and WolfGrimDark.