Lydia Redemption Sexy Replacer CBBE by Stratajim
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Added: 05/07/2013 - 06:49PM
Updated: 22/07/2013 - 01:35PM

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Last updated at 13:35, 22 Jul 2013 Uploaded at 18:49, 5 Jul 2013

!!!! *Added Optional file for no base armor so you may dress her as you please. !!!!

First mod, so enjoy! - NOTE: Feminine Animations are corrected, but will not apply if you have already acquired Lydia from the storyline! You need a new game, or a save just before you return to the Jarl.
Lydia is now more aesthetically pleasing, and remarkably stronger. I buffed her by giving her a whole lot of perks, and a few spells like, Oakflesh and Fast healing.... Did I mention she can shout? Yes, Lydia joins the ranks of Dovah with her elemental fury for faster weapon swings. She starts with a Fire enchanted steel sword for those troll bastards, a lightning enchanted hunting bow, a banded iron armor set, and banded iron shield. I nerfed her base armor to combat her heightened damage output, but you can easily change that by downloading:

Lydia - Exchangeable Armor by Eldarie

Required Mods:
Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE- by Caliente

CHSBHC - BBP - Nude and Jiggly Mod by CherryHotaling !!Not sure if required!! (new to modding)

Recommended Mods (to resemble photos):
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii - Note: Get the optional files too.

CBBE skin texture V2 V3 plus Thepal and UNP compatible by navetsea

LiFE - Lith Face Enhancement -CBBE-UNP-UNPB by LithiumFlower

Sporty Sexy Sweat - wet body skin texture - CBBE UNP UNPB ADEC Vanilla by Xs2reality

Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide and BBP by ChronoTrigger77

Dark Lilith Sexy Succubus Armor CBBE NKT by Nikitaa

Credit goes to all the creators of the mods I listed above, and Bethesda for making such an amazing game.

If anyone can run this mod without "CHSBHC - BBP - Nude and Jiggly Mod" let me know, please.

Thank you!!