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Unofficial patches for users who both use Enhanced Lights and FX (ELFX)'s enhancer and Sounds of Skyrim (SoS) together. Also includes Unofficial Skyrim Patch fixes.

Permissions and credits
This mod is dead. Everything below is preserved for historical reasons only. If you need a patch between SoS & ELFX, use these patches instead.

Expect to see new patches for JawZ's excellent ELE modules as well as Audio Overhaul for Skyrim come fairly soon.

If you are using ELE with SoS, use these patches. Thanks to marmo1233 for saving me a lot of work!

-- Description --
The Sounds of Skyrim series by Cliffworms are all great for extra immersion value, and have provided patches for several popular lighting mods. However, Enhanced Lights and FX was not one of those mods listed as compatbile. Due to Neovalen switching from RLO to ELFX in his mod guide, I took it to my own to create unofficial SOS-ELFX patches, so the users don't have to. Basically, if both ELFX and Sounds modify a cell, then depending on the load order, only changes from one mod will show up. Since ELFX is loaded after the Sounds series in BOSS, then ELFX's changes will show up.

What does this mean in game? Well, if you don't use these patches, you'll get the improved lighting from ELFX, but not the improved ambient sounds from SoS, or vice versa if SoS is loaded after ELFX. Hopefully, that should clear up any questions.

Civilizations and The Dungeons only, The Wilds did not need a patch. When needed, changes from the Unofficial Skyrim Patch are merged into this patch as well. You should still use the USKP (in fact, I recommend everyone who's playing Skyrim on PC to use it).

-- Installation --
Couldn't be simpler: Download and install the needed patches with a mod manager (or extract manually to the Skyrim Data folder), and run BOSS to sort the patches properly. Make sure the ELFX Enhancer (from ELFX) is installed, or you will get crashes on startup.

This patch is not needed if you don't use the ELFX enhancer.

-- Uninstallation --
Just remove with a mod manager, or remove SoS - The Dungeons-PatchELFX.esp and SoS - Civilization-PatchELFX.esp from the Skyrim data folder.

-- Compatibility --
Pretty much should have no compatibility problems (in fact, it was created to resolve compatbility problems with ELFX and SoS).

-- Credits --
Cliffworms - for creating Sounds of Skyrim
anamorfus - for creating Enhanced Lights and FX
ElminsterAU, Sharlikran, and Zilav for creating and maintaining TES5Edit, a really well developed mod editor that everyone into modding Skyrim should use. Go check it out!
The entire STEP team (of which I am now a member), for being awesome, and crafting a very detailed noob-friendly guide to enhancing Skyrim. Go check it out!

And finally, Bethesda Softworks for creating such a modular and quality game. Thank you all!