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About this mod

Armours by FastestDog for the excellent SeveNBase body mod - also UNP/B compatible

*NEW* Underwear for SeveNBase - 3 texture options

*NEW* Prisoner Clothing REDUX

*NEW* Mage and Monk Robes

*NEW* Orcish Armour

Permissions and credits

Welcome to ARMOURS BY FASTESTDOG for the excellent SeveNBase body mod!

This is my very FIRST armour mod - so I'm sure you'll understand if it's a little rough around the edges! Over time, more armour items will be uploaded here, so be sure to check back regularly for updates - there's sure to be a few of them!

These armours are made using the SeveNBase Original and Cleavage meshes. The earlier individual releases (mainly 2013) are also BBP-compatible if you use the SeveNBase TBBP meshes, or even just a BBP skeleton (*see SeveNBase main page for recommended skeletons). Where possible, I use the Vanilla skeleton, but I am converting these armours (slowly) over to GROOVTAMA's XPMS EXTENDED.

For best results, I really do recommend you choose GROOVTAMA's XPMS EXTENDED. Later individual releases, and the combined packs, are not breast-weighted & will not bounce (UNLESS YOU USE HDT. DON'T WANT BOUNCE? DON'T USE HDT). I do not recommend standard (obsolete) XPMS or Skulltyrant's skeletons for use with any of my armours.

Just click the NMM button. For manual install, download & then follow the file path.

- SEVENNITY for creating the awesome SeveNBase mod!
- DeMoNhUnTeR for all his help & patience in dealing with my ceaseless queries!
- Wast for likewise being unfailingly helpful!
- A BIG thanks goes to all the other members of the SeveNBase crew, along with many, many others who helped me learn how to begin modding armours!! Thank-you!!
- The Almighty Vioxsis, whose help with 3dsMax has been INVALUABLE! Without Vioxsis, quite a few of these armours would not exist.
- MAK07 for allowing us the use of his materials!
- Groovtama, for putting up with my inane queries!
- Brokefoot for not (yet) breaking my feet!
- MissLexi for uploading so many awesome images to my galleries, and for her encouragement! :)

Q: "How did you make that character who is modelling the armour?"
A: Y'know, I'm glad you asked! All models shown in my pics are made using my PRESETS MODS! Just click on the banners below, and check out my profile gallery for more! :)

Q: "Are you REALLY the head of the Kwik-e-Mart?"
A: No.

Q: "Really?"
A: No.

Q: "No?"
A: No. I hope this has been enlightening... :)

You can check-out my other mods if you like - just click on the banners below!