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Ever wonder what that pile of gum you just stepped on was? Oh yeah! it was Quicksilver Ore... This mod replaces the Ore textures to look more like actual objects.

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Super Realistic Ore Textures! (Skyrim) (Texture Replacer) v1.0

I couldnt stand the default ore textures, especially with all the nice texture packs out now. The originals look like wads of gum with horrendously huge pixels when viewed up close.

So I made this mod! I got the idea from Mancika's [Ingot Reskin Pack] and figured i'd make some ores that better matched the Ingots and looked more like real objects and not blobs lol. But now these new textures match Mancika ingots very well and i also tried to match the colors somewhat with ByblosHex's [Glowing ore veins] for aesthetics. Although i changed the iron ore veins to be blue in my own game.

Anyway The gold is my favorite, it took me hours to get the color right ingame :( Its amazing how hard it can be to get something to look properly like a specific metal ingame. Especially when the game adds strange colored hues, tints and auras to things that i cant seem to change, i beleive its part of the meshes...

That being said some arnt perfect but there basically as perfect as i can get them. Its hard to make silver look like silver and not say alminum or lead, 1 tiny difference in color and it doesnt look right. So most of these might look amazing in certain lighting and horrable in other lighting, that cant really be helped. Many of the lights are far too bright imo (like Candlelight spell), and the bloom and or hdr is deffenitly overdone.

Oh and one last thing, i spent hours trying to make something that looks like "quicksilver" and nothing i tried looked right. And since quicksilver looks pretty much like silver in ingot form i just made the ore for quicksilver to look like veins of silver mixed in a dark rock... Trust me i spent like 6 hours and made atleast 3 others that all looked weird and this is the best i can do for now, but its still a billion times better than the "chewed bubblegum" texture that was default...


Extract and move the data folder to your skyrim folder - click "yes to overwrite" if necessary - it will only overwrite the ( and ( files in the textures/clutter folder.


Just delete all the ( and ( from the textures/clutter folder.




These are my homemade textures so no using them without my permission.


And i recommend using this with either Mancikas "Intog Textre Pack"

Or Mikeomni's "Makers Marks Ingots" ingot textures, Both go great with the new ore's!

Eventually we would like to make a package with many options, choices of ingot and choices of ore for each mineral, but it will porbably wait till cs is here and we can do allot more, i have many ideas in mind.