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Added: 03/07/2013 - 04:09PM
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Last updated at 8:38, 6 Jul 2013 Uploaded at 16:09, 3 Jul 2013

Hi, this mod add to your Skyrim game new powerfull spells, they have
Inborn ability rank and cost big amount of mana so you can cast them
one time per day. They should work as initiation spells or escape spells.

Types of Shockwaves:

ShockWave - this shockwave has similar effect as unrelentending force shout but in every direction from player and in large area
Fire ShockWave - same as common ShockWave, but also ignite your enemies in large area
Frost Nova - this type of ShockWave, turn your enemies to ice in large area
Poison Nova - this type of ShockWave does high poison damage, also has shockwave effect but in medium area
Lightning Shock Wave - this type of ShockWave does high lightning damage to hp and mana, and kick enemies out

2.Installation and requirements
Just copy/extract in your Skyrim/Data directory, and confirm it in Launcher/DataFiles

Nothing special, this mod shoul work in older versions of Skyrim but, if you have any problems try lastest version of Skyrim.

3.How to use it

You can buy all ShockWave spells in Whiterun by FarengarSecretFire(court wizard in Dragonsreach). Then just use them in your inventory(as every another spelltome), you can find them in magic menu, under inborn ability(use them with same button as shout or vampire powers).


Just delete "ShockWavesMagic.esp", in your Skyrim/Data folder.


1.2 Update
- added Lightning shock wave, which does shock damage and mana damage
- serious change of all spells form 'fun' effect spells to usefull gameplay spells
- all shockwave spells are now powers that you can use one time per day
- all cost 100 or 150 mana(depends on power)

1.1 Update
- all shock waves are now under destruction skill, so they mana cost can be reduced
- area of effect of ShockWave is now 75(from 100)
- ShockWave now does some direct dmg
- FrostNova duration reduced to 20sec(from40)
- reduced price of all ShockWave spelltomes

Thank you for downloading my mod(if you downloadit of course :)), i hope you will enjoy it ;)