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Welcome to my first dungeon mod. It always kind of annoyed me how there was no explanation to the Alchemist's Shack. Where was the Alchemist? No body or anything? Just a journal with hardly anything in it.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the alchemist in the Alchemist's Shack near Haemar's Shame? This mod gives both an answer to that question and a quick way to get rich.Find out what happened to that alchemist. Seek the treasure he sought, but be careful or you might end up just like him: lost in some old tomb. Forgotten by his friends and family. Become one of the richest people in Skyrim, but first survive.
This tomb is recommended for level 15+ players. Also recommended for players who prefer to make their money in Skyrim honestly, instead of using the console.
If you survive the dungeon, you will emerge around 38,000 gold richer.

*Yes, I know the tomb is a bit empty and small. I may add more clutter or rooms in the future.
*Once again, the Dragonborn DLC is required.

--Texture Mods Used--
Ruins Clutter Improved --
Re-Defined Dungeons WIP --
I installed Re-Defined Dungeons WIP after Ruins Clutter Improved and overwrote all files.
These mods are not required but recommended.

1. Download the file
2. Extract the esp into your Skyrim Data folder
(Folder location default: C/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim/Data)
Or use NMM.

--Change Log--
*Version 1.0
Initial Release
*Version 2.0
Fixed several small issues, fixed lighting issues, added a bit more clutter, fixed the draugr in the first room.
*version 3.0
Major Update: Added second level, finally finished lighting (Bring torches. The dungeon is a bit dark in some areas).
*Version 3.1
Small Fix: Fixed amount of gold affecting every chest in Skyrim.

--If the mod doesn't work, check your data files from the Skyrim Launcher or Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) and make sure that AlexandersTomb.esp is checked.

--Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or requests.