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[Important Information]
You will need Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) for this mod to work -

Those updating from 1.5, turn off all your ships/boats and fire all of your crew before updating.
Those updating from 1.6 to 1.7, turn off all ships before installing.
I've also included the source files for the longboat and rowboat. Feel free to use it as you wish. Drop me a message if you need help, I'll try and reply as quick as I can.

Version: 1.7


Manual Install:

-Place the script folder and SumOverPath.esp in your skyrim data folder

---Playing Sailable Ships Of Skyrim---------------------------------------------

Obtaining the boats:

-All boats can be found at a newly constructed dock near the Solitude Sawmill. Here you'll find Papursis Slirmk, who will help you obtain a Rowboat, if you agree to deliver a message for him.

-To obtain the Longboat, go to the dock near the Solitude Sawmill and find and press the button on a Shipwheel sitting on the pier. He you'll be able to purchase a Longboat for a considerable amount of cash. You will have to hire a Quartermaster and Navigator from the Longboat Salesman, before setting sail.

Rebinding Keys:

-In order to re-bind your keys, speak to the Longboat Salesman at the docks near Solitude Sawmill and ask him about re-binding keys. You
will be given a power that will allow you to re-bind keys for ALL of your owned boats

Sailing your ships:

-After obtaining your boat/ship go onto it's deck and and activate the button situated there.

-You will be then be granted control of the boat. The boat can be moved using (by default) the ARROW KEYS. To relinquish control, press the E key.

-When activating the Longboat, a menu will open. From the menu, multiple options can be chosen. This includes toggling control of the boat, dropping the anchor and deploying soldiers. To open this menu, while sailing, press the E key.

-Dropping the anchor will allow the boats INTERIOR to be entered.

Ship health:

-The ship's health will drop over time. Employ carpenters by activating the button on the ship wheel at solitude docks. They will heal the ship over time while they are employed.


-Crew members require a wage that must be paid or they will no longer work for you. To pay the wage place money in the safe within your ships interior, or consult your Quartermaster.

In game Help:

-If you need help at anytime consult your Quartermaster.

---Need help? Seen a bug?---------------------------------------------

-If you have encountered a bug or need help, leave a comment on the Sailable Ships Nexus Forums

---Known Issues----------------------------------------------------------

-This is quite a script intensive mod. If you find boat acceleration is incredibly slow, or the
the ships are very juddery, try disabling other script heavy mods.


-Fixed dirty edits

-Change longboat speed
-Player is now fixed to boats as they translate
-Fixed problems with reversing
-Added employable soldiers
-Reduced price of wages, ship, quartermaster and navigator
-Added a shipwheel that is used for purchasing ships and crew
-Removed conversations with boatsalesman

Thanks to:
Various Artists