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This tutorial will explain in depth the wizardry involved in importing and exporting your nif files fully rigged with Blender for Skyrim, and the steps before and afterwords.

Permissions and credits
Required Utilities:
Python 2.6.6 (32-bit): Download Link
PyFFI 2.1.10 (32-bit): Download Link
Blender 2.49b: Download Link
Blender Nif Scripts 2.5.8: Download Link
Nifskope (1.1.0-rc1+throttlekitty's nif.xml known to be working): See Main File section of Nexus page.

This tutorial will explain in depth the wizardry involved in importing and exporting your nif files fully rigged with Blender for Skyrim, and the steps before and afterwords.

There are some preparation steps involved, but we can mostly trick Blender into thinking we're using Fallout 3 files, and then we have to make sure it exports properly, then just have to set the things back to Skyrim type stuff and make some other minor corrections. The guide covers all of that in detail, with pictures.

This guide will teach you how to prepare a nif for import into Blender (how you must trick Blender into reading your nif properly), what to do once inside Blender (though an in-depth guide on how to 3d edit is not included and will not be supported in any way), and what to do once you export from Blender to get the nif in a format the game will read properly. This method will leave the model completely weighted and rigged how it was when you imported, so at that point it's basically just like editing for any other game, you know with bone weight copies and whatnot, it's just these few extra steps to get things in to Blender and out of it again in a format Skyrim can work with.

This tutorial assumes you have basic working knowledge of Blender and does not aim to teach you how to use the program completely. The aim of this guide is simply to cover the import and export of fully rigged nifs. I will not provide Blender support whatsoever. If you need help learning Blender I suggest checking out the free Blender 3D: Noob to Pro wiki book. If you're committed enough, you can learn how to use it in a day with that guide. I did.

There is even a video tutorial provided by 2pac4eva7 included.

Please don't message me on Nexus asking for help... I already have to combat my inbox size as it is, so if my inbox gets flooded with people asking for help with this I will cry T_T. I don't know very much about the technical Blender & Nifskope stuff anyhow, I'm more of a texture person. I just barely scrape along with Blender & Nifskope as it is, lol. So please keep all questions and problems in the comment thread and you'll get a much better and faster response from the rest of the community who know more about this stuff and can help you!

- 2pac4eva7 for the video tutorial and momentous level of amazing help he's given me; <3 him! you should too :P. He discovered basically everything on his own, and all information provided here is from him, all I've done is organize it all and present it in an easily viewable format to help out the community.
- Nifskope Team
- Bethesda
- Blender contributors

1.2 - remove link to latest test builds of Nifskope, it appears unusable for this process
1.1 - small typo corrections (down->done), sentence restructure in tip section, Nifskope package removed in favor of link to newest test builds as they fix some structural issues and missing block data (Shader Flags#2 and Vertex Colors for instance) present in RC previously included, video tutorial removed and moved to optional download for easier updates of main tutorial, credits added to end of tutorial
1.0 - initial release