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Whiterun Bigger than ever with a Second Entrance. Expanded area in the city not just extra buildings squeezed in. Crowded alleyways and courtyards like you would expect in an old trade city. Complex expansion of Whiterun. about 60% bigger area.

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Version 2.0

Adds a second entrance to the east of the city.
It has it's own map marker and after it is discovered players can fast travel to it.

Although the expansion is complete the new buildings are still locked as I am still working on the interiors.
I will release a further update with interiors when they are ready but this version is to get that extra entrance available for feedback.

Version 1.4
Adds access to the top of the Main Gate Tower as requested by various people.

Added a roof over the top, stone steps up and a balcony and rail to the inside of the top platform.

Now, also No Tree version is updated to match Version 1.4

version 1.3 uploaded.
this fixes the Deleted Navmeshes that have been causing some users to experience CTDs

Thanks to JCDNWarrior for his help with this.

Added optional Bugfix files for people that have the 'Floating Braziers' bug or the 'Ghost' who hangs around the Market Place
Thanks to alexbeugelsdijk for these.

Hello all! If you haven't noticed, Version 1.2 has been uploaded by Dovahkruziik under the misc section for you to try out. It should fix most known bugs and clipping issues. It is just the .esp, so you can replace your current WHITEX.esp with that one. It does require the BSA from the main file though. The esp and bsa will be combined and released in the next main file soon.

I am now collaborating with Dovahkruziik on fixing and improving this Mod.
I am glad to say he knows how to do this properly and knows how to use the parts of the Creation Kit that are still a mystery to me.

Uploaded a fix for some of the bugs pointed out by users and also added some more interiors.
Main fix is to Pathing that was making guards try to walk through a building and for duplicated items and misplaced doors. Also added the two extra Walls that fo rsome reason disappeared from the first version.
Also added a carpenter making furniture for the shop and replaced the extra Blacksmith with a Cooper.

Uploaded alternative file wtithout trees for those that asked.

Whiterun increased in size. Extra area added within the walls.
Alleyways and Courtyards, Shops, Houses and Market Stalls. Wander the streets and lose yourself, like you would expect in a crowded and ancient trade city.

One of the complaints about cities in Skyrim is they are too small and empty.
Modders have tried to cram more buildings in to make them look bigger but I have never seen anyone actualy increase the size of a city interior so, I thought I should have a go.
Ultimate Whiterun actualy increases the area within the city, adding about 40% more space.
More than twenty new buildings have been added including a Meadery, Blacksmith, Bookshop, Clothes Shop, Furniture Store, Bakery and dwellings.
Not all are occupied yet and I am open to suggestions as to what should be added, you lot are the ones that will be living there.

Because of the nature of the Mod a lot of City Wall and Guard Towers have been moved around. It will not be compatible with any other mod that adds to the walls of the city or adds buildings.
Anything else should work fine.

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