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"Ingredients Galore" is the intellectual heir to this mod. I suggest checking that out.

This mod replaces the raw foods of Skyrim with ingredient versions.

Every ingredient has a first effect that is the same as eating the food version. This means a lot of weak restore health abilities and one oddly strong one.

The vanilla ingredients in Skyrim seem to hint at a much more dynamic selection of ability strengths. Only a few seemed to have made it into the final game. It's almost as though they made the system so that you would comb through things to find the combination of ingredients to get the best potency and/or duration, but they basically never used it. They are a few oddly strong ingredients that go in every potion of a type, but all the rest are identical. The raw food ingredients have more variation. You might find an oddly strong bonus with a shorter time or a weaker bonus with a longer time.

I've also added a few new effects. You get bored plugging the same old vanilla tricks that every other ingredient makes. So, I took some cues from the cook-able foods as to what their raw components should do. Because of this, I've added what I call “Recover” effects. They are the “lingering restore” effects from cooked food items, but with a new name to help differentiate them in the alchemy screen. I've also added Calm and Courage, which are basically useless without a better delivery method.


The spoiler is posted as an image.

The lack of weight isn't an accident. I use the weightless ingredients mod, so I had no interest in adding something that I'd just end up removing.

If you start from a new game, it should prevent you from encountering any of the old boring versions. If you throw this into an established save, you'll have an interesting combination of both.

There are two possible versions of this for you to use. One requires Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. The other is for the base game. If you don't have all three DCLs, you'll need to use the vanilla one unfortunately. I'm not good enough at modding yet to make supplemental mods for each DLC.

This mod changes a lot of recipes, leveled lists, containers and locations. I'm going to assume it won't play nice with a great many mods. If you want to make a compatible or combined mod using this, have fun.

let me know about any bugs or sneaky food versions showing up.