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Medieval Armory mod adds 19 new craft-able and upgrade-able medieval armors to Skyrim, including 9 helmets (YET) to go with the armor. It includes armors from famous Knightly Orders and different countries. More armors and shield will be added in the near future.

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[size=10]Medieval Armory[/size]

Mod by lukaluka94

Note: Please Endorse the mod if you like it and enjoy it, as it motivates me to continiue my work.

Another note: It would be nice if anyone made a YouTube video about the mod, so that other people can see and enjoy it.

And again, another note (last one): Because of the ENB I use, some armors may appear too bright in the screenshots. I doubt it will be a problem for you guys too.


Medieval Armory mod adds 19 new craft-able and upgrade-able medieval armors to Skyrim, including couple of helmets to go with the armor. It includes armors from famous Knightly Orders such as Knights Templar or Knights Hospitaller, and different countries and their coat of arms like Spanish, French, English etc. More armors and shield will be added in the near future.

I'm working on Shields right now, and suggestions or criticism are always welcome. If anyone has some ideas about armors or anything else, let me now and I'll consider to add them.

How to acquire armors:

There are two ways to get the armors:
1) Craft them. They can be crafted and upgraded at any forge, as long as you have - Advanced Armors perk. They are located in - Steel category.

Or if you are like me

2) Get them straight away from a chest located on the top of the Guardhouse in Whiterun. When you enter the city, its the first building on the left, and you can go up from the right side.


Normal - Just copy the "Data" folder located in "Medieval Armory.rar" file to your Skyrim directory, and overwrite if asked.

Heavy - To install the heavy version of the armor, just copy the .ESP file located in "Medieval Armory - Heavy.rar" to your Data folder in Skyrim directory. IN THIS CASE DELETE MedievalArmory.esp (There must be only ONE .esp file active)


Just delete the folders - "CA" in Meshes (in Data) and "CA" in Textures (also in Data). Also MedievalArmory.esp

Armor stats:

I Tried to balance it as much as I could. Armors included in the NORMAL version of the mod are LIGHT, their stats are: Armor 30, Encumbrance 7.

For the people who prefer Heavy armors, I've included HEAVY version as well (Separate small download), their stats are: Armor 35, Encumbrance 20.

Some of the Helmets are Heavy, some of them are Light. If there are some balancing issues, let me know and I'll fix them in the next update.

Included armor list so far:

1) Oranje Surcoat - Dutch - Armor with Dutch colors and coat of arms of family Nassau.
2) Lion Surcoat - English - Surcoat with famous English lions.
3) Lily Surcoat - French - Three French lillies on the Armor.
4) Georgian Surcoat - With Gerorgian flag.
5) Imperial Surcoat - Germanic - Colors of Holy Roman Empire and its emblem, the black eagle.
6) Hospitaller Surcoat - Black surcoat with white Maltese cross.
7) St. John Surcoat - Red version of the Hospitaller armor (late).
8) Hungarian Surcoat - With Hungarian colors and cross.
9) St. Lazarus Surcoat - White surcoat with green cross.
10) Norman Chainmail - Plain chainmail armor.
11) Polish Surcoat - With Polish flag colors and white eagle.
12) Royal Surcoat - English-French - Mix between English Lions and French lillies (English coat of arms)
13) Scottish Surcoat - With scottish coat of arms on front.
14) Holy Sepulchre Surcoat - White surcoat with 5 red crosses.
15) Spanish Surcoat - Mix between Coat of arms of Kingdom of Aragon, Castille and Leon.
16) Templar Surcoat - Including Sergeant (Black) and White-Black versions.

Along with armors, I've included (Witcher 2) Helmets and two Plated Greaves which go quite nicely with the armors:
1) Knight's Barbut
2) Knights Sallet - Open and Closed
3) Great Helmets - Silver, Black and Crusader versions.
4) Teutonic Bascinet (With horns)
5) Knight's Bascinets - Open and Closed
6) Knight's Greaves - Silver and Black

Shields soon to come...


Please let me know FIRST before you use any of the assets included in this mod, in your own. Also, make sure you include all these people included in the credits, in your credit list.


Me - For retexturing the assets included in this mod and packaging them as a mod.
Bethesda - Skyrim and it's assets
L0rd-0f-War - his importation of Witcher 2 models -
CD Projekt - Witcher Assets. The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved. -
Dejawolf - from the TaleWorlds forums for his creation of the Helm mesh and texture. (Plate, Crusader and Cleric armours)
AlphaWolf - for his hard work porting Witcher 2 assets
ActusReus - for sharing his Plate and Cleric armour mods. - and
redxavier - for porting Witcher 2 shields and helmets to skyrim. -

Thanks to everyone included in this list. I would not have been able to make this mod without them.