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Version 1.02 BETA RELEASE!

Extended categories! See change-log for details.


1) It's called beta release simply because I havent added custom WAVs to the new categories. I plan to do this after I get some feed back from you guys.
2) Its safe to use since there are NO new scripts added to what the main mod has. I simply attached the sound files to the activator items themselves. This option was already available in the CK for each of the modified items.
3) Using TESV5 EDIT, I made sure that the ESP does not have any other edits, besides the ones that I intended. So it should be "clean" and free of potentially disastrous errors.
4) It may have minor bugs, but nothing game breaking. Any small bugs will be related as to whether a sound is played or not. Please point out those, specially when using levers (there where too many).


Partnered with Psychotogen for new upcoming projects; info will come later as we progress on our plans. Also, Check out his awesome mod! Highly recommend it of you are an immersion freak like me self. XD Morrowind-like Quest System Overhaul - WIP


Ive had breakthrough guys! After hours of testing I was able to attach a sound file to a doomstone! In other words, I can finally start to implement new categories for this mod. However, it still needs tweeking since as soon as I activate the doomstone, the sound file plays.

New packs coming up. LOOKING FOR SUGGESTIONS! So please leave comments, etc.

VERSION 1.02 beta

I do this for the Nexus Community, in other words, for all of you fellow modders! I am getting nothing out of it, except your thanks (endorse) which bring a big satisfaction after pouring hours, on each pack, for this mod. Also, that way I can know if you are liking my work so far. Thank you in advance!
(The more known this mod gets, the higher the chances for a big mod author (or Nanahane) to provide support and thus, expanding how this mod works!)

(Links provided on "Credits")

After using Additional Player Voices by Nanahane, I figured that it needed more and new diverse voices that match the lore in the Vanilla game and the action the PC is doing. This is what this "mod" is (tho' it's more of an add-on to Nanahane's mod). Hope you enjoy it, and all suggestions are welcome!

(Same as default mod, hopefully that'll change and be expanded)

By using scripts that Nanahane (mod author) created, they'll trigger an event in-game on which it makes the game use sound files in the format of ".WAV", that where added to the specified category folders on the mod. Here's a direct quote from Nanahane:

"This mod adds voices in various events for player character".
"The purpose of this mod is to add sound events that does not exist in the vanilla".
For more info, visit his page. :)

PC (player character) will comment or say something when:

1) When you Shoot a bow or crossbow
2) When entering "Sneak"
3) When you are damaged: 25%, 50%, and 75% of your total health
4) When you absorb a dragon soul
5) When entering a dungeon
6) When entering combat
7) When you draw a weapon
8) When you LVL up and when a Skill lvls up
9) When you kill an enemy and when a companion kills an enemy
10) When you mount a horse
11) When using a hostile spell (fire, ice, etc.) and when using self spells (healing, mage armor, etc.)
12) When you discover a new place

(Tools used will be mentioned on the "Credits" section)

1) I used a tool to unpack the "BSA files" called "Skyrim- Voices".
2) After unpacking; used a tool that let's you read the game's dialogs and copy their ID reference to find it easier between the 1000+ FUZ files that are unpacked per folder.
3) After isolating the FUZ files that I wanted to use, I converted them into media playable files used by the mod (.WAV).
4) Copied the converted files into the folders added from Nanahane's mod and finally, done.

Sadly for all of us, I know nothing of SCRIPTING so I cannot add any other new categories or events, etc. All I can do is add more voice packs to the original mod. That's what I'm planning to do for now, but if you are an ADEPT on SCRIPTING, then I would ask for your help to add new triggers, thus' add more voices to the game. I have many ideas, but I dont know how to implement them because I'll need new SCRIPTS.

A) Some of these ideas: (not possible for me to do, right now)

1) Comments while exploring Skyrim
2) When entering a city, village, castle
3) Compatibility for some mods
4) Different comments for different enemies
5) Comments for different times of the day, weather, statuses (diseases, buffs, etc.)
6) When entering specific dungeons (caves, castles, ruins, etc.)
7) More, plus user suggestions

B) Things that ARE possible:

1) Add more voice packs, and try to use dialogues or "create" specific dialogues that give the feeling of specific attitudes (angry, courageous, proud, etc.)
2) Add more voice packs with dialogues taken from different races. (Nord, Imperial, etc.)
3) Make packages for both genders (note that you CAN use a male voice on a female character because they are not gender, race or class specific)
4) Maybe add some video tutorials on how to do it yourself :)
5) Any suggestions WILL BE considered :)

None that I know of.
Refer to the original mod's page for more info.

1) Better Dialogue Controls
2)Better Message Box Controls

1) Simply download and install with NMM.
2) In-game search for a power called: "Additional player Voices"
3) Equip it ---> menu pops up ---> "Enable" ---> choose one of the three sets.
4) When changing sets in-game: use the power and disable the mod, then do step 3 again.
5) I tested it and I was able to change in-game between sets. Just give it a few seconds after you change and it should work.

1) BEFORE uninstalling from NMM: go in-game.
2) Equip the power, use it, click "Disable"
3) Create a new save (just to be extra-careful)
4) Now you can uninstall from NNM :D

1) I've been using this mod together with 120 other big mods and I have no issues, so if any CTDs occur I wouldnt blame this mod on the first go. But if you have confirmed and are COMPLETELY, UTTERLY and UNQUESTIONABLY SURE that its THIS one, let me know. :)

2) Note that I didnt create the SCRIPTS used for the mod, so I DONT know how to fix any issues of any sort related to scripts. However, I can and will help you with the added sound files.

3) I'll still provide support as far as my knowledge, based on USING many mods, lets me. :)

1) First and MOST important: Nanahane for creating the MOD ITSELF with all the scripts and everything that it needs to work.
------> <--------

2) Gawan: who started the Idea of adding voice packs, but didnt continue to develop.

-------> <--------

3) BSA Unpacker by Wookie (used to unpack the BSAs)

-------> <---------

4) Unfuzer by greentea101

Used to unpack and convert the files you get from the packed VOICE BSAs. The files that you get from the VOICE BSAs are called: "FUZ" and with this tool, you can convert them to .WAV files

-------> <---------

And VFRT (Voice File Reference Tool) used to read thru' the dialogs

--------> <-------