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This mod provides over 50 styles of scarves and mufflers.

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//Skyrim Scarves and Mufflers - Frostfall and UNP compatible


This mod provides over 50 styles of scarves and mufflers that help your character stay warm if you are using Frostfall (not required). Several non-craftable variations may also be found on guards throughout the various holds. Some of the more earthly (black, grey, brown, etc.) coloured mufflers may also be found on bandits and npcs. I also provided a patch for Cloaks of Skyrim so there's a chance to find guards and other npc types wearing either cloaks or scarves and mufflers.

The scarves and mufflers can be crafted at a tanning rack under hide. Most of the coloured scarves (e.g Blue, Green, Striped) will not show up until you first make the white version, this was done to help reduce cluttering.

Note that since I formed the female scarf mesh variations' based on the UNP body type, I'm not sure how they look with the vanilla or other models.


UNP Bodytype - since it might look odd without
Cloaks of skyrim - adds variety to the npcs' looks

Thanks to Natterforme who allowed me to modify the original Scarves of Skyrim, which can be found here: